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TWoL 31: Knee Deep in Brisket

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Steve and Emilie go live as a duo again this week while Nick is knee deep in brisket preparing for his big BBQ cook-off this weekend!  We wish him all the luck 300 h3tty crystals can bring a brah…

We start this episode off by doing a quick recap of this past week’s musical outings; Emilie went hipster-wook and hit up Plants and Animals. Not quite a the lot scene, but the show rocked HARD!  If you see this band coming through your town – GO!  Steve kept it OG-wook and spent the night with a few fellow twibe members at DSO in New Jersey (keep it dirty) and reports that there was no shortage of wookery at the raging Shakedown out front.

Festival season officially kicks off this weekend with lots of Memorial Day Weekend fun from coast to coast.  We run down the list of all the festivals to choose from: with so many amazing options you have no excuse to be on couch tour!   Starting in the middle we’ve got Summer Camp going on it’s 10th year in Chillicothe, Illinois – people travel from all over for this UMoe. fest.  The northeast has got DelFest where Noob Laura will hold down the fort (we better get some lot reports).  The west coast gets the most love with four festivals to choose from: Lightning in a Bottle if you’re looking for untz, Mountain Aire Furthur Fest if you’re looking for grilled cheese, Desert Rocks festival in Utah if you’re looking for beautiful surroundings and Sasquatch up at the Gorge if you’re looking for skinny jeans.  All in all, it looks like it should be a nice little weekend of music.

With summer tour only days away, we touch on late nights and ticket checks.  SPAC night 1 has sold out making it the first show other than those that sold out immediately to “sell out.”  If you didn’t get a chance to snag tickets, check out our buddy Jim’s contest – he’s giving away a pair of SPAC pavillions for a good cause – MS research.  We also talk late nights as we look at all the artists traveling to Telluride to play to those who can’t find a miracle.  And, speaking of Phish – we’ve heard major “no’s” on the Indio rumor that had been circulating in recent months…which leads us to our next poll:  If there’s no festival in Indio, where will it be?? We’ve come up with a few options below so scroll, vote and let us know what you think.

As many of you have heard, there was a bit of family drama in the PT world this past week, congratulations to PhanTank who has officially earned his 15 minutes of fame.  We here at TWoL want to go on record and say “can’t we all just get along??”  Come on people, we’re here for the music!!

We close it out with voicemails were we have a little nugget from our youngest listener (go to sleep, it’s past your bedtime!!)

Stay tuned and keep the lot reports coming….you never know….maybe you’ll end up the winner of an Alpine Valley travel package!

episode 31

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Author: Stephen Olker

On the scene since you were 2.

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