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Special Report: The Big Up

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The Big Up, 2011
“A quality product at such a young age for a festie.” – Jules Jenssen, Shireworks Productions
Welcome to Special Report: The Big Up. Who knew we could love a tiny little festival so much? Steve, Laura, and our guest PhanArt Pete walk you through everything you need to know about this rager at Sunnyview Farms in Ghent, NY. We cover camping, tickets, headliners, and why the Big Up should have a permanent spot on your festival schedule next year.
New on this Special Report: Interviews! Laura spent some time talking to Jules, Zach, and Brian, three of the guys behind Shireworks Productions and The Big Up (and Higher Organix…they’re quite busy). We asked our Twitter friends if they had any burning questions for the Shireworks guys and got some great responses! Sorry, @FeetheProdigy…Laura couldn’t ask “How much wook can a wookchuck chuck if a wookchuck could chuck wook?” with a straight face. Listen to the Special Report to hear a few of your questions answered by the festival producers. The full interview will be available as a separate file, as well.
And since Laura is the perpetual noob and she’s always forgetting something at festivals, she asked a few of The Big Up artists what their most essential piece of festival gear was/is. Listen to the Special Report to hear answers from Shireworks Productions/Higher Organix, The Polish AmbassadorDigital Tape Machine, and Zoogma.
Full interviews with artists and photos will be available soon as separate posts / additions to this post.
As always, thanks for listening! We hope to see all you east coasters at The Big Up in 2012.

The Wood Stage, by Stephen Olker

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  1. Nice pic of Blacklight Ruckus!

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