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Episode 93: And Nick just saw this video…

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Had a few technical difficulties this week and started a little late, thanks to those that waited in the chat room. This week we talk Roger Waters, Phish, and Toonces’ pink flamingo.

Roger Waters has announced that we will bring the Pink Floyd classic The Wall to the United States as part of his world tour. He will be hitting west coast and east coast alike so if you have a chance to see this we highly recommend it. Also tickets go on sale Nov 14th and will most likely sell out very quickly.

Now for your weekly dose of Phish news! The long awaited Hampton 97 Box Set is on presale right now, hit up Phish Dry Goods to preorder. Trey talks about his upcoming musical that will debut  California next year. Mr. Miner will be having a book signing in NYC for the Phish New Years Run. Last but not least Nick gives a rant about how there’s no need to freak out about getting shut out for Phish tickets 10 minutes after the onsale.

In non Phish news, The Disco Biscuits are releasing an oldie but goodie show from Princeton in 2000. This show is a fan favorite and even if you aren’t a fan of Bisco this show might change your mind.

We received a lot of great voicemails this week, thank you to everyone who took the time. The number is 419-NO-WOOKS for those who don’t know!

Thank you again everyone for the support, we’ll see you next week on lot!

Hautlanta by Underground Villian

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