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TWoL 95: Chicken Waaaaangs!

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We have Steve, Nick, and Emilie this week. Emilie is back on the carnivore side and has kicked the veggie lifestyle to the curb, hence our episode title for the week. Chicken waaangs are an amazing thing in everyday life but after you haven’t had them for a year? You better believe they are amazing.

But I digress, on to this weeks news. Let’s start with Trey news as there was a few things this week. Trey has announced an Orchestra Tour with three dates in Feb and one in March spread across the country. He’s also  recording a new solo album with the members of TAB and has noted he will be “taking a whole new direction” for this album, whatever that means. The TWoL crew is divided on whether or not this will be a good album. Personally I think it will work out in the end but only time will tell.

Moving along to Phish news, Watkins Glen track official Ryan Lake has announced that the venue will focus on racing events for 2012 so no return for a festival this year. While not shocking that Phish is not playing there again so soon, it doesn’t mean they won’t return in the future. The majority of TWoL attend Superball so we’re really hoping for a return sometime in the future. In our last bit of Phish news we would like to point out the many after-shows for each night of the MSG run. If you managed not to wook-out at the main event we hope to see you late night!

Even though it’s nearly winter there is still some festival news this week. All Good has announced they will move from their WV location to Legend Valley in Ohio. Legend Valley (formerly Buckeye Lake) has hosted many amazing bands, festivals, and concerts over the years. In a period where most festivals only last a short time TWoL gives kudos to All Good for 16 years of jamband love.

As of right now Jam Cruise 10 takes off in 39 days and if you don’t have your tickets well you’re pretty screwed cause it’s sold out. But…not to fret! Jam Cruise 11 prebooking starts Dec 1st so you can always go next time!

We received a few voicemails this week, thanks to all who took the time to leave one. Don’t forget the number is 419-NO-WOOKS program it in your phone!

Thank you to everyone that supports us and we’ll see you next week on lot!

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