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TWoL 100: Rumor has it

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TWoL turns a century today, that’s right we’ve done ONE HUNDRED episodes and that doesn’t count the twenty or so special reports! For our big episode we decided to gather the whole crew together, from the OG crew of Steve and myself to Noob Laura, Emilie, Toonces, and now Katie. We’d also like to mention that providing TWoL for the past 2.5 years has been a ton of fun but it also comes at a cost. We would like to thank Heady Things Inc. for donating to us this week, we appreciate the kick down. If anyone else wants to throw a few bucks our way you can use this link to donate or if you would like to be a sponsor for an episode(s), email us.

It was a bit crowded both with people and with news to talk about, so let’s dive right in! As the title eludes to this week is all about the rumor mill and first up on this list is Phish in Vegas. Nick has a “sourcey source” that has kangfirmed Vegas was originally booked but has since been cancelled. While this source did not provide a reason it’s safe to say that today is Feb 7th and for the sake of planning and selling tickets an April Fools Vegas weekend run is not going to happen.

As it stands today there are two festivals with Phish rumors surrounding them. The first, and most likely of the two, is Atlantic City in June. Some city council members have already spilled the beans and mentioned that Phish would play at a 2 day concert there this summer and the rumor only seems to get stronger as time goes on. The newest point of contention seems not to be if this festival is happening but if camping will be an option. Personally for my tastes you couldn’t pay me enough money to sleep in an Atlantic City field, but to each brah their own.

The 2nd festival that has been thrown around is Bonnaroo and now there is even a rumor about Phish playing a sunrise set. Basically the whole TWoL crew is not convinced that Bonnaroo is going to happen but if it does Nick will be flying solo and staying in a VIP RV. So there’s that…

Bethel, Portsmouth, and Deer Creek are also heavily rumored venues for Phish this summer. While Bethel and Portsmouth are likely, Deer Creek is the only that is pretty much kangfirmed. The official twitter account for the venue tweeted that Phish would be playing 2 nights this Summer but didn’t say which ones. Deer Creek has some serious history with Phish and they almost always seem to bring their A game so it’s good to see they will return.

In untz, bluegrass, dance, improv news EOTO has announced a new tour that kicks off in Boston, MA. Apparently there is also going to be a h3tty 3D mapped screen setup, see the tour link for more details on what will actually happen. If you’re on the east coast this weekend make sure to check this show out!

The Hang Out Festival kicks off in May down in Alabama and the lineup looks pretty solid. Also you get to party right on the beach and who doesn’t want to do that? The Electric Forest Festival has also been announced and the VIP sounds uber h3tty, you can actually stay in an air conditioned cabin. Forget renting and driving an RV, now you can stay in a hotel like atmosphere right on site.

The Earwolf guys have been doing a few podcasts about Phish, mainly Harris trying to get Scott to experience a show and come to like them. So far they’ve done 4 episodes you can find the latest one on their site. It doesn’t exactly paint Phish (and their fans) in the best light but take it for what it’s worth.

Thank you to everyone who has left us voicemails, both this week and throughout the past 2.5 years. We couldn’t do the episodes without the support from our fans and we appreciate you taking the time to leave a lot report. We look forward to bringing you 100 more episodes!


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