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TWoL 103: Pulled Pork and Martinis


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Tons of stories to cover this week, let’s get right into it!

First and foremost, Phish tickets go on sale tomorrow morning! If you got screwed in the lottery, and from the looks of the twitter updates we’ve seen you didn’t, hop on tomorrow bright and early. One thing to note is that SPAC tickets will have a 3 day “package” ticket you can go for on LiveNation. Good luck to all, and remember if you wook out and oversleep it’s your damn fault you didn’t get those h3tty pavilions brahs. Don’t say that TWoL didn’t try and help you out with the heads up!

If scalping is your thing had a great recent post about how to obtain scalper software at the low low cost of about 4k. Personally I think we should get some of us together pitch in and buy the software, get great seats, sell them to our friends or put them on Cash or Trade, and beat the scalpers at their own game. Time to stop bitching and do something about the problem. Leave us a voicemail and let us know if your interested in pitching in. 419-NO-WOOKS is the number.

In other Phish news 2/17/90 has been posted onto youtube and includes almost 2 hours of footage. If you’ve got some time to kill we recommend checking it out, remember it’s 1990 in the video so the quality is what it is but it’s been remastered so it looks pretty damn good for being that old. Check it out!

If you’re into drinking beer and who isn’t, you need to check out this cool new service that allows you to tweet a beer to a friend and paypal the money to cover it. We thought “hey we like beer” and “hey this is pretty cool” so we decided to include it in this weeks episode. Have fun tweeting and drinking!

Moe.down is celebrating their 13th festival and can you believe there’s been 13 of them? We were kind of taking back there has been so many but I guess time flies when you’re jamming out. The are returning to their original location of Snow Ridge, NY this summer. If you got the means and the ways we recommend you check out Moe.down!

So somehow we stumbled across this site called and thought it was interesting. It’s similar to Spotify in you can create a playlist but the premise for this site seems to be that your play list is only one song? Not sure what else the site is all about, feel free to check it out and give us feedback if you like, don’t like, or if you know more than we do.

Rock n’ Roll Resort is going on again this year and it looks like Sphongle is headlining. Steve and Laura went last year and had a good time, the venue has changed this year so we’re not sure how that will affect things but it’s sure to be a good time if you’re into the untz.

We had a few great voicemails this week, thanks to those that took the time to leave us a lot report. Remember to give us an update on the shows you attend and tell us about the scene! Thank you to all our listeners we really appreciate your support, we’ll see you next week on lot!


Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

2 thoughts on “TWoL 103: Pulled Pork and Martinis

  1. You guys didn’t include my voicemail on this episode. Did I not use the word Wook enough to be included?

    • Sorry sometimes we get many voicemails and have to pick a select few, I don’t think that’s what happened this time though as we didn’t have very many this week. We might have just missed it or it might not have recorded from some reason. Try leaving it again or email us and give us the specific number you called from and we’ll see if we missed it. Sorry about that.


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