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TWoL 105 – H3tty Crystal Pillow Fight

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Hey, kids!  This week yields a h3tty dose of bro with Steve squared going all Type II, nailing the transitions, and bringing you the news you need.

Both hosts had a healthy dose of music this past weekend, with UNO at EOTO/Shpongle and Toonces checking out PGroove.  The shows were h3tty and the crowds were young. Way young.  EOTO and Shpongle are touring pretty heavily right now, with dates together and also doing they own thang. PGroove has a few shows left before they hit festival season.  All and all, we had a good time at both shows and got pretty in depth with the reviews. Don’t miss out.

Next we transition to some of our favorite, and what should be your favorite, things.  Here’s the rundown:
-Our friends at GlowStickWars are having a bitchin’ Back to Tour Sale, with 20% off everything.  That includes a few brand new, reusable items.  Save money, save the earth, make it rain.  And enter to win a 3-Day pass to Summer Camp while you’re at it.
-Umphreaks with tickets will be elated to hear that the UMBowl III ballots have been unveiled.  Go on and get your vote on for your favorite 1st Quarter All Request Set songs and the 4th Quarter Raw Stewage Set jams.  Check out the ballots this way.
-Have you ever seen a documentary for Phish heads by Phish heads?  Maybe So, Maybe Not.  That’s the title of a forthcoming movie by filmmaker Noah Wilderman.  It’s about who Phish phans really are.  We can’t really recall a movie about Phans before, so let us know if we’re mistaken.  It could be memory loss due to our old age.  You can check out the trailer here and we’ll have a review once the film is released.
-On Monday, Gathering of the Vibes released their initial lineup.  Holy guacamole it looks sick!  Dead rumors are sure to abound with all members in attendance and there’s plenty of great bands packed on to the bill.  Toonces will be there, will you?

We all know UNO loves a ticket check, even a half of a ticket check.  That’s what you get this week because nothing has changed since last week.  NOTHING.  Leg 2, anyone?

Lastly, Steve and Steve breeze through a couple of quick notes on festivals down south.  Way down south.  TWoL is happy to announce they will be at Mayan Holidaze.  UNO is dedicated to bring you the live coverage you crave and promises the most epic end of the world face time convo ever.  Mentally prepare yourselves.  Jam Cruise has begun the prebooking for next year’s floating festie.  We recommend you get on it.  At the very least, throw your hat in the ring for four free passes courtesy of Magic Hat.  Or don’t … this way we have better chances of winning ;-)

That’s all for this week.  If anyone knows how to play Zombie/Wook/Alien please let us know.  We just can’t remember.  Must be the old age.


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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

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