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TWoL 106: Sloppy Seconds?

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Drum roll please…..the second leg of Phish summer tour 2012 was finally announced today and we honestly aren’t sure what to think of the schedule. The long awaited announcement held some new surprises with the key word being new. Phish is playing 6 venues and 1 state that they have never played before. They’re also starting the second leg the same way the first began, with an appearance at an indoor venue. Tupac and Dr. Dre would be proud cause California is definitely getting some love. Tour kicks off in the LBC on a Wednesday night, not sure how well this show will sell. On the other hand there is a 3 night run at the Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco that is the TWoL pick of the tour for the only hard tickets.

The long standing Phish trivia question of what states has Phish never played has been reduced by one, Oklahoma is finally getting some love. TWoL is calling out the Oklahoma City show as the sleeper show of the tour. The venue is call the Zoo for christ sakes, how can Phish not throw a crazy show after waiting 28 years to play the state and then playing a venue called the zoo? One word for any hippies heading to the Oklahoma show or the Birmingham, AL show…careful. Law enforcement tend not to take to kindly to brahs and sisbrahs wooking out in that part of the country. To get a more in depth look at the venues check out this comprehensive overview that Hidden Track put together.

Now for some non-Phish news. Emilie recently went to see Furthur in Boston and while their playing was a little lackluster overall it was a great venue and good times were had by all. In untz news Conspirator is back on tour so if you’re ready to get your flat brim kicking check out their tour schedule.

TWoL will be taking next week off unless some ground breaking news happens. Make sure to leave us a voicemail with your lot reports and we’ll play them on air. Also please fill out our poll this week and let us know your plans for 2nd leg of Phish Summer Tour 2012.


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