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TWoL 135: This has all been wonderful, but now we’re on our way!


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I was never good with goodbyes, and this will be no exception.

TWoL has been quite the project over the last five years, but the time has come to the close the curtain on it.  It just feels like the right time. To be honest, it has come close a few times, but something would come along to keep it going just a little bit further.

It’s tough to judge how many people the show reached in its time. I know there have been some dedicated listeners out there who tuned in faithfully over the years and I am thankful for that. The intent from the beginning was to have fun reporting on the “jamband scene” and that evolved to include interviews, news, live reports, and much more. Definitely not the most serious of media, but that’s okay. Hopefully it brought some entertainment into your earholes.

There is quite literally too many people to thank for contributing over the years, but I reckon I should try. Credit has to go out to all proper hosts, Nick, Noob Laura, Emilie, Toonces, Danmar, Katie, and Troy. Thanks to the MANY guests we had over the years, especially PhanArt, Coventry Music Blog, Cash or Trade, Glow Stick Wars, YEMBlog, Andy Gadiel, and Phish.netters. Thanks to everyone who has donated, sponsored, told a friend, left a voicemail, or linked to us on the interwebs. Thanks to all the PR people who let TWoL report alongside actual news outlets. Thanks to everyone who “stayed tuned” each week, especially when next week was two months later.

On a personal note, TWoL offered me a few experiences along the way that made all the hard work well worth it.  I’ll never forget the first time a TWoL sticker was recognized on lot. It was by a wonderful couple named Fee and Weezy, and needless to say, we still keep in contact to this day. I’ll always be grateful for all the festivals we did special reports from, especially Camp Bisco, the Big Up, and Rock and Roll Resort. And while not official, both Jam Cruise and Mayan Holidaze need a shout out for a variety of different reasons.  Without TWoL I would never had met Katie, which in hindsight, has to win an award for the best job interview outcome of all time. And more times than not, I genuinely enjoyed setting up the studio to bullshit with some great people over the years, especially when on the road.

Again, a sincere thank you to everyone that has listened to and supported the program over the years. I hope it has provided you with some level of entertainment in that time, I know it has for me. This page will be active through July if you want to download or listen to any old episodes. After that, I will archive everything somewhere. The Twitter and Facebook accounts will live on, so keep us locked for live reports just like always. For the Phish nerds, Type II Cast is entering it’s second phase and will live on, so feel free to tune in there. I might even start throwing some live reports that way.

Mad love,

- Steve

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

2 thoughts on “TWoL 135: This has all been wonderful, but now we’re on our way!

  1. Much respect. TWOL. Sad to see the podcast go, but glad for the many hours of goofy entertainment in my headphones the past few years. Thanks for all you did (and keep TypeIIcast alive!!)

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I Will miss your show. Where the hell am I going to leave my drunken lot reports?

    Neighbor Nick!

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