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TWoL 58: Check it out, we’re checking in!

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There’s a lot of news going on this week so let’s get right to it!

First and foremost we’re very excited to announce the launch of our brand page on Foursquare! Now when you check into your favorite venues in NYC,  Las Vegas, San Francisco, and beyond, you can see tips from TWoL. As we continue to travel and visit new lots, venues, hotels, and restaurants we will add more tips at different locations. If you have a tip on a particular venue you would like us to add leave us a voicemail or email us and we’ll get it done!

As we were perusing the internet this week we discovered the h3ttiest drink coming to a lot near you. Although it’s super h3tty I wouldn’t expect to find it on lot priced at 2 for $5. Check out this link to see what drink we’re talking about and why the cost is going to price out the wooks.

Switching gears to music news we found out that after 12+ years Umphrey’s McGee producer Kevin Browning is taking on a new role at the UM headquarters. Taking his place will be Chris Mitchell a former Navy nuclear engineer with 15 yrs experience in the sound business. Good luck Kevin and welcome Chris!

It’s rumorville right now and as always the Phish rumors don’t disappoint. One rumor is that Phish is going to perform at some unnamed summer festivals. Part of the rumor also says that DMB would be playing at these same festivals. Our friends at Coventry Music Blog put up a sad yet funny old video of Trey playing with Dave from DMB. You can view this “nostalgic” footage over at Coventry Music Blog.

Some sad news about STS9 as they had to cancel their winter tour. Murph has been diagnosed with cancer and will be taking some time off for treatment and recovery. We wish him all the best, get well soon!

After the 3 previous stories we thought we would lighten the mood up a bit by talking about a hilarious story posted on Apparently “The Phish” is running America in more ways than one! The best part of this obviously fake site is that so many people believe it’s real. It just goes to show don’t piss off hippies or they will make idle threats on your blog post comments.

In Grateful Dead news some fans are upset at the $450 cost of a new Europe 72 box set that contains 60 CDs. They aren’t upset at the cost of $450 but that the original 7,200 box sets with special casing, artwork, and other surprises sold out and the new orders will still cost $450 but sans any frills. If you weren’t luck enough to get one of the 7,200 originals it sounds like you’re shit out of luck.

Trey Anastasio will back on tour and from the reports we’ve been getting the tour was an instant sellout. Tickets are already available on the secondary market. Our advice is to hold out, most likely you can get a ticket for face on lot.

Mike Gordon is also going to be on tour, his ticket sales seem to have gone the opposite of Trey’s. Currently as I’m typing this blog post it appears the only shows that are sold out are the Brooklyn Bowl shows. There’s still plenty of time but we imagine this won’t be a hard ticket either.

Last but never least we also run through your voicemails. Thank you to everyone who left one and thank you to all of our supporters, we’ll see you next week on lot!