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TWoL 108: Steve and Pete

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I’m gonna keep this post short.

It’s myself and PhanArt. He’s been on many a TWoL before. We talk about his recent trip to Hangout Fest and my trip to the Googa Mooga. We run through your voice mails. There’s some deep analysis re: Phish tour > tickets, the poster show, and tweetups. Lastly, no Steve/Pete TWoL would be complete without all the necessary Bisco updates. What does this mean for you?  Laughter. Tears. Awkward moments.

Thanks for listening, see you on tour.

- Steve

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TWoL 101: Intro to Podcasting


Big news of the week is the long awaiting first wave of artists announcements at Bonnaroo. Heavily rumored headliners Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Phish were kangfirmed. This year there is a ton of camping, ticketing, and food options. One new thing is the Groop Camping, and no that’s not a typo it’s actually spelled with two O’s to play off the festivals’ name, Bonnaroo. If you’ve got a ton of friends we suggest you look into Groop Camping, it’s closer to Centeroo and a guarantees you camp next to your friends no matter when they arrive. Nick is planning on going and of course he will be going VIP RV so he can stay wook free! TWoL recommends you do the same! Also don’t forget tickets go on sale this Saturday, Feb 18th at noon EST.

Keeping with the festival news the AURA Music Festival is going on outside of Orlando, FL on March 9th-11th. TWoL will be giving away a pair of tickets to the festival. Follow us on twitter, @thisweekonlot and post that you would like to go to the @auramusicevents. And / or you can follow us on Facebook and leave a comment on the post from this episode. We will randomly select a winner by 2/27 and announce on the show the next night.

In Phish news this week there hasn’t been any tour dates announced (save Bonnaroo) but there was some new merch on the Phish Dry Goods site. You can now purchase Fishman dress inspired iphone and imac skins and hardcases. Steve just bought a iphone case and swears he won’t get this one…but I’m betting it shows up at his doorstep sooner than later.

This week we are asking our listeners to call in and leave us messages about Bonnaroo. It can be anything, thoughts about attending this year, previous Bonnaroo stories, advice, etc. The number is 419-NO-WOOKS so make sure to program it in your phone!

Thanks to everyone for your support, we’ll see you next week on lot!



TWoL 89: Sooze-Aid

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(a look behind the scenes: This is our that Google Doc we use to prep for the show)

Episode 89
Steve, Nick & Katie
Title: Sooze-Aid



Extacy cures cancer

WSP – No2

Pauly D Tanning Products

What we did:

Steve: Particle
Katie: Grace Potter
Nick: Got Spank’d

Upcoming Shows:


The BondFire Fest

Keller Tour

moe. Euro date added

Matisyahu festival of lights


Phish on Spotify

Thanks for listening. If any of the the other 2 ladies listening want to audition, let us know.
See you guys next week.

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TWoL 85: Not a Podcast

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Well, there wasn’t too much going on this week but we did manage to cover a few stories. Check out the links below and give the episode a listen to hear the details.

String Cheese Incident (SCI) is having a mini run over Thanksgiving and the first few days of December. It’s all on the East coast though so it should be interesting to see the turn out. The tour schedule is only 9 days, so their keeping it short and sweet.

Jam Cruise is having a theme night, a poker tournament, and a pool party! Sounds like you won’t get bored on this boat cruise. A few rooms are still available for those of you who might want to make a last minute trip.

Looks like Firestone don’t take no crap from no one when it comes to their logo usage or the likes of it. A Phan is getting sued for using a parody on some merchandise.

Our buddies Steve and Jared from GroupMe have made a deal with Skype and will be partnering with them to take things to the next level. Congratulations guys! TWoL has been a big supporter of GroupMe and we use it at nearly every show and festival we attend.

There is an essay contest to win some free tickets to the upcoming Phish shows in Colorado. If you still need tickets give it a shot!

Thank you everyone who left us a voicemail this week, keep them coming! We’ll see you next week on lot!

- Nick

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TWoL 74: Would you name your first born Glisten?

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Lot’s of topics were covered this week including the surprising news that Yasgur’s Farm is no longer an option for folks camping on Memorial Day Weekend. Yasgur’s farm was set to hold late night concerts and camping after the near by Bethel Phish shows. Those plans have been dashed as the owners of Yasgur’s Farm now face a $25k fine for violating a 2006 agreement to not mass gatherings on their property. You can read more about this news here.

We run through a quick Phish ticket check. Looks like nearly all tickets can be found for below face. Not a shocker considering the amount of shows being played and the size of the venues.

After we beat the Phish news to death we talk about bugs. Small, slimy, ugly, creepy, crawly bugs. The 13 year cicadas are going to be out in full force a few weeks before the Bonnaroo music festival. Fear not though if you are attending. Cicadas are harmless and they should be mostly gone…well except for a few straggler cicadas that decided to wook out and totally spaced when they were supposed to arrive.

In one more bit of Bonnaroo news regular tickets have sold out! If you’re planning on attending this year you better get a VIP ticket or you’re going to be stuck out front with a finger in the air.

The Austin City Limits lineup has leaked and this year looks pretty good! Presale tickets sold out weeks in advance before this leak, however you can still get single day tickets for $90. Single day tickets are expected to run out faster than a one for $3 two for $5 sale on Sammy Smith bombers so get yours while you can.

As always we run through the voicemails we received, thank you to everyone who left us a report. We can’t be everywhere at once so make sure while you’re out on the lot you give us an update! 419-NO-WOOKS is the number to call!

Thank you to everyone that supports us, we’ll see you next week on lot!

Thanks to Rick R. for the pics of River Rock Music Fest.

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TWoL 65: Lousy Smarch Weather

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This week TWoL is coming at you with a jam packed, 40 minute episode full of news, reviews and opinions skewed.

We start off with a review of Furthur at the Best Buy Theater from 3/13/11. I was in attendance for this show, and left pleasantly surprised. Moving to this more intimate venue from the monsterous MSG was definitely a good call. With emotions running high after the passing of Stanley “Bear” Owsley earlier in the day, the band definitely brought their “A” game. And adding Warren Haynes to almost all of the second set was welcomed by fans in the house that night.

Next we hit the standard Phish “Ticket Check”and discuss our views on the recent on-sale activities. With only 2 shows sold out, it looks like everyone who wants to get in this summer should be able to, and this is a good thing. Quite the 180 from last summer, but we feel a variety of factors contributed to this, which of course we discuss in detail.

Then we hit your Lot Reports, and there are some good ones this week. We always appreciate you guys calling, so keep hitting us up. 419-NO-WOOKS / 419-669-6657.

We did another venue review this week, tackling PNC Bank Arts Center, the 2 Steve’s home turf. Next week we will keep it moving with DTE Energy Music Theater.

Lastly, we run through some news of the week. GOTV added some artists we like to the lineup. At least 1 of us will be there, and hopefully we can provide a live show for you guys.  All Good has also released another round of artists. Finally, Mayan Holidaze goes on sale this week, and this guy just might finally pull the trigger.

Thanks for tuning in, we will catch you guys next Tuesday.