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TWoL 79: We’ve Got Cymbals in the Band!

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I’m sitting in the airport right now waiting to board my flight to Phish Superball IX so I’ve got to make this quick! Be on the lookout for live streams and updates for TWoL this weekend as 4 members of the our crew are attending Superball IX.

First on the agenda this week was a quick discussion of Hidden Track survey results of leg one Phish tour. We’re very excited that TWoL and our sister site type II cast received shoutouts. Big Ups to Parker for putting this together. We appreciate everyone that voted for us and we promise to keep the updates, news, and lulz coming!

Speaking of Phish there is a great deal coming out of Sirius radio this weekend. You can stream all the shows live as they are happening if you have a Sirius connection. Furthermore you can sign up for one for free and if you decide you don’t like it just cancel within 30 days. Get your couch tour on for free!

Headcount is back again with their photo contest at Superball IX. This time you can win a Jim Pollock custom illustration! All you need to do is head to the Headcount booth in the SuperBall IX concert field and get your picture taken. The photos are then uploaded to Facebook and whichever photo gets the most “likes” will be the winner. Even if you don’t win you still get a free voucher for some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream so how can you lose!

While 80% of the TWol crew will be at Superball IX we are going to have some West Coast representation at High Sierra Music Festival. Emilie will be attending this festival and also sending out tweets. Make sure you keep an eye out for the hash tag #TWoLWest if HSMF is something you’re interested in.

TWoL can’t be everywhere and this year we won’t be at the Electric Forest Festival. If you’re attending this festival make sure to leave us a voicemail and we’ll play it on air. The number is 419-NO-WOOKS make sure to program it in your phone!

We only received one voicemail this week people…one! You can do better than that! Remember we accept voicemails from concerts, lots, parks, your living room, anywhere is cool with us!

Ok, we’ll I’m getting paged to get on the plane here so I’ll see everyone at Superball IX on lot!

PS: We will be at the Phish Twibe meetup on Sunday, be sure to stop by and say Hi!.

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Listen to Episode_49

We may be a day late this week but we’re definitely not a dollar short, no wooks here! After the incredible weekend in Atlantic City we needed an extra night off to recoup so this weeks episode is coming to you on Wednesday. Steve managed to put out a really good episode of type ii though, you can check that out here.

First and foremost we run through our Atlantic City experiences. Mainly what we thought of the city, the Boardwalk, and the venue. We vary slightly in opinions on the level of shadiness but all around we agreed it’s probably not the town you want to raise kids in. You’ll have to take a listen to find out if we just how shady things got.

The TWoL crew setup a text messaging service through GroupMe and we have to say it’s the only way we’re communicating at shows from now on. Groupme is basically a free service where you can create a “group” of phone numbers and every time you text it goes to all phone numbers in the group. It was a lifesaver and helped us all quickly stay in touch, awesome service!

After the Phish AC shows ended TWoL hooked up with Relix magazine and Marc Brownstein for a HeadCount prank where Marc called up some friends and reminded them to vote. While this isn’t a TWoL episode, Steve did run the streaming for this, you can check out a video clip here.

We received a shit ton of voicemails over the weekend. Thank you to everyone who left us lot reports. We received reports from Phish, Hulaween, Leftover Salmon, and 311. In fact we received so many messages that we didn’t have time to sort through them to pick the winners of the Touropoly sets. We wanted to make sure we are fair and only choose someone who isn’t associated with TWoL.  We will randomly select the winners and be in touch with this week so make sure you answer your phones people!

Thanks again everybody and we’ll see you next week on lot!


TWoL 3: 1 for $3, 2 for $5, 7 for Hampton.

Welcome back kids!

First up we have our guest host TJ who gives a review of all the heady lot food and the inflation of lot prices he saw on tour this year.

This episode has a review around the recent Bisco shows at Starland including some “uplifting” discussion of Bisco chicks.

Up next we discuss the scene with the Trey show at Carnegie Hall and questionable characters who were hanging around outside. There’s a great article from Headcount depicting the situation.

Last but not least we talk about an unfortunate situation at the Universal Church of Love and Music that happened a few weeks back.

We also review the results of last weeks poll on what’s your favorite lot. Thank you to everyone who voted we received over 100 votes! To see which lot won you’ll have to tune into the broadcast, the results may surprise you.

We’ve also got a new poll for this week, tune in to the podcast to find out what it is . (Don’t scroll down ;-)

As always we finish the podcast off reviewing your voice mails and addressing the important issue of what’s a gangsta wook?

Thanks for listening, as always feel free to leave us a voice mail and we’ll be sure to address your questions/comments/concerns on the next episode.


episode 3

(editors note: Please excuse some rough audio spots. We are using the best low cost technology available to us. Each week we are working on making the podcast sound and go as smooth as possible. Thanks for understanding – olker)