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We may be a day late this week but we’re definitely not a dollar short, no wooks here! After the incredible weekend in Atlantic City we needed an extra night off to recoup so this weeks episode is coming to you on Wednesday. Steve managed to put out a really good episode of type ii though, you can check that out here.

First and foremost we run through our Atlantic City experiences. Mainly what we thought of the city, the Boardwalk, and the venue. We vary slightly in opinions on the level of shadiness but all around we agreed it’s probably not the town you want to raise kids in. You’ll have to take a listen to find out if we just how shady things got.

The TWoL crew setup a text messaging service through GroupMe and we have to say it’s the only way we’re communicating at shows from now on. Groupme is basically a free service where you can create a “group” of phone numbers and every time you text it goes to all phone numbers in the group. It was a lifesaver and helped us all quickly stay in touch, awesome service!

After the Phish AC shows ended TWoL hooked up with Relix magazine and Marc Brownstein for a HeadCount prank where Marc called up some friends and reminded them to vote. While this isn’t a TWoL episode, Steve did run the streaming for this, you can check out a video clip here.

We received a shit ton of voicemails over the weekend. Thank you to everyone who left us lot reports. We received reports from Phish, Hulaween, Leftover Salmon, and 311. In fact we received so many messages that we didn’t have time to sort through them to pick the winners of the Touropoly sets. We wanted to make sure we are fair and only choose someone who isn’t associated with TWoL.  We will randomly select the winners and be in touch with this week so make sure you answer your phones people!

Thanks again everybody and we’ll see you next week on lot!


TWoL 44: It’s been a looooong night!

Welcome back everyone! No guest this week but we do have some site improvements and a new addition to the TWoL network to announce. First and foremost we added a calendar feature it’s under “The Schedule” on the right side of our page below the RSS feed. TWoL also has a new podcast going called type II cast, it’s all about music reviews and will contain a “panel of guests” on and off. Check it out it airs on Tuesday’s at 8 pm EST right before TWoL at 9:30 EST.

Tonight we broadcast on Monday as Nick has an important event tomorrow night, but hey at least you get to start your week off with an episode! First up we banter about what shows we did and didn’t see this last week. One listener who was at the same Perpetual Groove show as Steve learns a valuable lesson about wearing a raincoat if you’re going to buy nitrous. You’ll have to listen to find out the details. Steve also hit the LCD Soundsystem.

Next up we run through the exciting announcement about Phish running a 5 night New Years Run! Starting with 2 shows in Worcester, MA and finishing off in MSG with a show on 1.1.11 this run has a lot of promise. Phish is known for pulling some serious pranks/surprises, and some of us really hope the 1.1.11 brings a huge surprise.

We run a ticket check as we try to do anytime Phish or other jambands are on tour and surprisingly we find out that tickets are dropping steadily from last week. Hang tight phanners the prices are soon to be back to face or very close for the tougher shows.

The String Cheese Incident and The Disco Biscuits are performing a Halloween run at the Hampton Coliseum. Bring on the glitter, hoops, and untz! They’re dubbing it Hulaween, if you’re going to make a trip to this show make sure to leave us a lot report!

We’ve also got a tweetup scheduled for the Atlantic City Phish shows, feel free to swing by. It’s at the classiest place in AC, the Hooters Restaurant in the Tropicana Hotel. The good news is it’s close to the venue, less than a half mile walk and if you don’t like the food the scenery should be good. You can register for the tweetup here, if we get enough people signed up we will try to reserve a party room.

Last but certainly not least we run through our voicemails…err voicemail. We only receive one voicemail this week, don’t forget to let us know what’s going on people! Program our number into your phone it’s 419-NO-WOOKS or if you’re calling from a blackberry 419-669-6657.

Thanks again for everyone listening, we’ll see you next week on lot!

episode 44


TWoL 43: Glitter Reprise

We’ve got a lot going on this episode, so let’s dive right in! Jed Luckless is our guest this week. Jed is a jamband fan living in New York and performs a live stream on Wednesday’s that you can find here. He play’s jamband music and also performs some of his original tunes, one of which he debuts at the end of this podcast so make sure to stay to the finish.

Big news this week was the announcement and onsale of the Four Mile Canyon Revival Benefit show. This show is set to provide funding for the Boulder Mountain Fire Relief Fund after the devastating fire in Boulder, CO. Artists to perform include, The String Cheese Incident, Big Head Todd & The Monsters, Yonder Mountain String Band, and the members of Phish. Funny enough the members of Phish are not “billed” as Phish, but rather just their names which leads us to believe they will come out and jam separately but not actually perform as Phish. Tickets went onsale through Ticket Horse and it seems a lot of tickets were held back as the sellout was instantaneous. Score one for the promoters to keep these benefit tickets out of the hands of scalpers.

Our ticket check this week reveals that the Broomfield shows in CO are actually leading the way for the most expensive secondary market ticket. Kind of a shock seeing as all the buzz is around the Halloween weekend in Atlantic City but then again they are basically the only “west coast” shows.

Next up we discuss the ability for people to connect with each other with ease thanks to technology. It’s funny when you think back a few years when twitter and Facebook didn’t really exist how easy it is to connect with other people, especially famous people and musicians now, it’s like day and night. Case in point, Furthur has started tweeting out pictures of their set lists after their shows so fans can take a look at what they were thinking before the show started. Pretty cool if you ask us.

It’s not too often that something good comes from the message boards on PT but this weekend there was a thread that was pure gold. It’s all about a parody on the Bud Light commercials “Real Men of Genius”, except this version is all about wooks. Check it out and also take a listen as Steve tries his best to recreate one of these commercials on air.

We also have a tweetup planned for the Atlantic City shows, you don’t have to be on twitter to sign up. Check out the details here, it’s being held at a super classy joint.  ; )

As always we run through your voicemails, thank you everyone who left us a lot report, keep them coming! We’ll see you next week on lot!

episode 43


TWoL 42: I hate laser beams!

TWoL is back up and running after the brief hiatus occurred when all of Steve’s equipment was wook’d. We’re glad to say that we came back better than ever and with the new equipment the sound is even better. Thank you to everyone that gave us a h3tty kickdown on the cost of the stolen equipment.

A lot is going on this week so let’s get started! First up we talk about the Phish Fall Tour ticket onsales. I guess you can’t say it went “exactly” as planned. For some reason at the time of this blog post the first Phish show in NH in years and years isn’t sold out as well as the first night in Charleston?!? Obvious other shows were instant sellouts such as the smallest venue on tour, Utica, Broomfield and the 3 night Halloween run in Atlantic City.

Gordo announced his tour which to the delight of many a Phish phan starts right after the Halloween run and begins on the west coast.  He does a nice run up the west coast, through the midwest and ends back Boston just in time for Thanksgiving.

TAB at the TAB was announced for release as a live album with the first 500 pre-orders getting their copy signed! Steve’s memory gets a little hazy when we talk about this show, was he there or wasn’t he? You have to listen to find out.

New Years Eve shows are being announced like crazy right now. You can see a full list of what’s been announced so far here. Some notables are YMSB in St. Louis, moe. in Boston, Umphrey’s McGee in Chicago, and Paul Anka in Naples, FL.  ; )

As always to end the show we take a listen to your voicemails and Steve gives a quick lot report and untz report from his recent endeavor to see Bisco this last weekend. The untz was so epic that he is still trying to recover 3 days later.

Thank you everyone for your support, we’ll see you next week on lot!

episode 42


TWoL 41: Bonne Anniversaire!

Happy happy oh my friend! TWoL is one year old! Thank you to everyone for your continued support and encouragement, it means more than you know!

This week we have some old friends back to discuss the wrap up of leg 2 of Phish Summer Tour and the upcoming Fall 2010 Tour. Our guests are Scotty who runs YEMblog and also does work for Hidden Track on Glide Magazine, and an old favorite…Noob Laura! Although she might not be a Noob anymore, you’ll have to listen to find out the details.

Bringing some positivity to the Phish scene there was an announcement today that the Mockingbird Foundation and The Mimi Fishman Foundation has raised over $1 million dollars! Glad to see things like that a making some “mainstream” news instead of the JB jumper.

Also hot off the press are the results of the Phish Summer Tour Survey that our friend Parker (the same Parker of the now infamous SKYGATE2010 TWoL debate) created. We all agreed and were glad to see that Deer Creek was the winner for the best lot.

Next up we decide to open up the closet and listen to the very first pilot episode of TWoL, it’s only 2 minutes long but it brings back many a memory. We also discuss what are our favorite moments on TWoL during a recap of the previous years episodes.

Finally as always we listen to your voicemails and check out a photo submission we received from one fan. Thank you everyone for listening and submitting your voicemails, photo’s, and comments, we really appreciate it.

episode 41


Lot Report from from Bisco/STS9

We really want to take TWoL to the next level and provide live streams and interviews broadcasting from the lot. If anyone enjoys what we’re doing and wants to donate toward the cost of equipment so we’re able to make this dream come true please visit our donation page.

We are planning BIG things for TWoL over the next 365 days so keep tuning in to see what we do next!

*During our live broadcast one of the chat room attendees brought to our attention a phan that was injured in a car wreck around the time of the Telluride shows, if you’re interested in donating to help him out click here.