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TWoL 61: Rewind!

We’re at DEFOCN 5 here at TWoL:

episode 19

This week we decided to go back in time and pull one from the vault. Above is an old episode that we posted one year ago today on Valentines day. It was actually the first episode that came to mind when I thought about posting an old show. It’s pretty awesome the date coincidence so I guess it was meant to be! We’ll be back next week so don’t forget to keep your lot reports coming in!

Until then sit back and enjoy the memories!


TWoL 60: Tunnel People

Listen to Episode 60

This week we have a nice short episode for you. We don’t have a guest this week but we run through the news.

First up is an announcement from our friends at . They’re giving away a pair of tickets to the TAB show and a pair to the Mike show. Check out the link above to find out more details how you can win!

UMBowl II details have been revealed! Check out Hidden Track for all the details.

The two year anniversary of the PhanArt book is here! Right now the book is being offered for the original price of $60. But you have to act fast! Check out the PhanArt page to for details and to place an order.

This week brought on several band breakup announcements. LCD Sound System is calling it quits. Gorillaz also announced they are breaking up along with The White Stripes.

Last but not least we play a few of your voicemails. Thank you to everyone who left a voicemail we can’t be everywhere at once and we appreciate the lot reports. Don’t forget to program the number in your phone, 419-NO-WOOKS.

Thank you again everyone for the support, we will be on hiatus for the next 2 weeks as Steve will be out of the country. Stay tuned to the blog though as we’re planning on re-posting an old fan favorite show.


TWoL 59: The Search for Jared’s Wedding Band

Listen to Episode 59

We have several guests this week and a fully packed episode!

Our first guest is Johnny from Johnny is one of the writers for their website and was kind enough to come on the show to discuss a recent blog that caused some controversy. made an announcement on their website that was nearly confirming the festival and offering up very specific details. Unnamed sources close to BTJ claim that a contract has been signed and the festival will be held the weekend of July 4th. They go on to state that tickets will be $200 and include 8 sets of music starting on Friday and ending on Sunday. Johnny goes into more details about their decision to post the confirmation of the festival before does. You’ll have to listen to the podcast for full details.

Next we speak with Steve and Jared from is a free service that allows multiple users to set up a text group to communicate with each other. It’s an amazingly useful service and one that TWoL is excited about. We’ve used this service twice now, once in Atlantic City for the Phish Halloween run and again in NYC for the New Years Eve run. It’s a great way to send a mass text to your crew by texting one number. It’s really easy to use if you can text from your phone you can use this service. The Groupme guys are on their way up, they’ve been involved as a mobile partner for the Austin City Limits festival as well as the Coachella festival. We can’t wait to see what they do next!

Rumors! Rumors! Rumors! There’s a lot of rumors surrounding the jamband community right now. Most of them are related to Phish and Dave Matthews Band. DMB and Phish are both rumored to be playing a music festival in Atlantic City this summer. Check out a link to the festival announcement here. With the Watkins Glen, NY rumor we covered earlier we’re pretty hesitant to say Phish will play but stranger things have happened.

Page and Fishman will be playing a benefit at Higher Ground in Vermont on February 3rd. The benefit is for Pete’s Greens, an organic farm that was recent damaged but a fire. Many other Vermont musicians are also rumored to be playing the benefit.

Florida is also getting in on the festival scene with the 15th annual Suwannee Springfest. This festival is packed full of lots of great bluegrass bands. If you’re in the area make sure to hit this festival and don’t forget to leave us a lot report!

In untz news, The Disco Biscuits have been listed in the lineup for the Ultra Music Festival. This festival includes many different acts, there’s something for everyone. For details on the festival and for tickets check out this link.

We received a heads up on this YouTube video poking fun at “Bro’s” from one of our listeners. We thought it was pretty funny so here’s a link if you want to check it out.

Last but never least we run through voicemails for this week. Thank you to everyone who left us a voicemail! We can’t be everywhere at once so make sure when you’re out on the scene you let us know what’s going on. 419-NO-WOOKS (419-669-6657) is the number program it in your phone.

Thank you again to our guests, Johnny, Steve, and Jared! Thank you also to all of our listeners, we’ll see you next week on lot!


TWoL 58: Check it out, we’re checking in!

Listen to Episode 58

There’s a lot of news going on this week so let’s get right to it!

First and foremost we’re very excited to announce the launch of our brand page on Foursquare! Now when you check into your favorite venues in NYC,  Las Vegas, San Francisco, and beyond, you can see tips from TWoL. As we continue to travel and visit new lots, venues, hotels, and restaurants we will add more tips at different locations. If you have a tip on a particular venue you would like us to add leave us a voicemail or email us and we’ll get it done!

As we were perusing the internet this week we discovered the h3ttiest drink coming to a lot near you. Although it’s super h3tty I wouldn’t expect to find it on lot priced at 2 for $5. Check out this link to see what drink we’re talking about and why the cost is going to price out the wooks.

Switching gears to music news we found out that after 12+ years Umphrey’s McGee producer Kevin Browning is taking on a new role at the UM headquarters. Taking his place will be Chris Mitchell a former Navy nuclear engineer with 15 yrs experience in the sound business. Good luck Kevin and welcome Chris!

It’s rumorville right now and as always the Phish rumors don’t disappoint. One rumor is that Phish is going to perform at some unnamed summer festivals. Part of the rumor also says that DMB would be playing at these same festivals. Our friends at Coventry Music Blog put up a sad yet funny old video of Trey playing with Dave from DMB. You can view this “nostalgic” footage over at Coventry Music Blog.

Some sad news about STS9 as they had to cancel their winter tour. Murph has been diagnosed with cancer and will be taking some time off for treatment and recovery. We wish him all the best, get well soon!

After the 3 previous stories we thought we would lighten the mood up a bit by talking about a hilarious story posted on Apparently “The Phish” is running America in more ways than one! The best part of this obviously fake site is that so many people believe it’s real. It just goes to show don’t piss off hippies or they will make idle threats on your blog post comments.

In Grateful Dead news some fans are upset at the $450 cost of a new Europe 72 box set that contains 60 CDs. They aren’t upset at the cost of $450 but that the original 7,200 box sets with special casing, artwork, and other surprises sold out and the new orders will still cost $450 but sans any frills. If you weren’t luck enough to get one of the 7,200 originals it sounds like you’re shit out of luck.

Trey Anastasio will back on tour and from the reports we’ve been getting the tour was an instant sellout. Tickets are already available on the secondary market. Our advice is to hold out, most likely you can get a ticket for face on lot.

Mike Gordon is also going to be on tour, his ticket sales seem to have gone the opposite of Trey’s. Currently as I’m typing this blog post it appears the only shows that are sold out are the Brooklyn Bowl shows. There’s still plenty of time but we imagine this won’t be a hard ticket either.

Last but never least we also run through your voicemails. Thank you to everyone who left one and thank you to all of our supporters, we’ll see you next week on lot!


TWoL 57: Mustard is Better!

Listen to Episode 57

This week we have a very special guest, Adam from For anyone has been living on the moon is basically the one stop for all things Phish related. They’ve been collaborating data, setlists, and all around Phish related things since before the internet was the cool.

For those who didn’t know (myself included) they have been working together with The Mockingbird Foundation for years to gather and host official setlist information. There is no other site that has a more complete and accurate record of setlists. In fact David “ZZYZX” Steinberg uses as his source for his stats.

For all of you iPhone, iPad, and iTouch users out there, make sure to check out some apps that are available, 3 of which work with There’s Helping Friendly App available for $2, iTour (which is free), Phanatic available for $2, and iDIDN’T KNOW Phish Games for $2. So no matter if you’re trying to find a hotel near the venue, find out the last time something was played, or just mess around and play games you can have everything you need for $6. Unfortunately these apps aren’t available for Android…yet. If there’s an Android programmer out there, please contact staff as they would be interesting and starting a conversation.

A lot of people worked (and still work) to make great. Take a look at this link to see the list of contributors.

So after we wrapped up our chat with Adam about the history of and all the great apps that are available we had some tour talk to announce. Trey Tour 2011 has been announced with presale already complete. Looks like Trey is taking a quick tour from east to west with tour only lasting a few weeks. Mike Gordon also announced his Spring 2011 tour. Funny enough he starts tour the day Trey ends and only a few hours away…hmmm…can you say bus hand-off? Maybe so and maybe not.

Lastly we wrap up by listening to a few of your voicemails and reading an email we received. Thank you to everyone for your lot updates, make sure to keep them coming! The number is 419-NO-WOOKS, program it in your phone people! We can’t be everywhere at once.

Thank you again for all your support, we’ll see you next week on lot!

Listener submitted photo:

via Rick R.


TWoL 56: 2010 into the Eleven

Listen to episode 56

This weeks episode of TWoL is a special one! We take a dip from our normal routine and have a run-through of 2010 to point out our favorite shows, venues, lots, and festivals. Also last but certainly not least we pick a winner of our Phish NYE hotdog giveaway!

Let’s get started with our favorite shows for 2010. It was tough to pick but below are our favorite shows/band for 2010.

Steve – Phish at MSG night 1, Disco Biscuits

Emilie - Phish at Camden night 2, Dr. Dog

Nick – Phish Atlantic City night 2, Moksha

Honorable mention: Trey in Princeton

Next we run through our favorite venues. For those of us that saw a lot of shows this year it was  tough choice but we had to choose.

Steve – Brooklyn Bowl, Jones Beach

Emilie – The Independent (SF), MPP

Nick – The Greek (Berkeley), Blakes on Telegraph

Honorable mention: nTelos Pavilion

We also do a recap of our favorite festivals from 2010 as well as some upcoming festivals  we are looking forward to for 2011.

2010 – Camp Bisco 9, High Sierra Music Festival

2011 – Camp Bisco 10, Bonnaroo, Gathering of the Vibes, Phish Watkins Glen (Rumored)

Honorable mention: Jamcruise (any year!)

Most used smart phone apps: Jambase, Phanatic

Sadly we only had a few voice mails to play this episode. Don’t forget when you’re on lot, on your way to the lot, or even the day after the lot to leave us a report of the show! (419-669-6657)

Finally it was a really tough choice but we picked a winner for the Phish Meatstick giveaway. It was so tough in fact that we actually had to do an on air coin flip…drum roll…the winner is…Woot! Thank you to everyone who left a comment, better luck next time.

Thank you again to all our supporters, we’ll see you next week on lot!


Special Report: Stuck on the Porch (The Phish, Starr Hill, and Chew Toys Episode)

Listen to Special Report: Stuck on the Pouch

Here we have a quick episode to wrap up the MSG coverage. We talk about what we saw on lot, on the Pay Per View, and everything in between. Most importantly, we snagged an extra “foam meatstick” to give away. These are a hot item, already going on eBay for upwards of 60 bones. If you want to win one, it’s simple. Just leave a comment on the blog here telling us about your NYE, or, leave us a voice mail to the same effect, 419-NO-WOOKS. We will pick whatever story we like (perhaps randomly ;-), and ship one off to the winner. Being that it is a new year, any of our listeners are eligible. The only ones who can’t win are TWoL hosts and their respective families. Contest ends at the start of the next episode.

We hope everyone had a great holiday season, and we will see you next week with a “Year in Review” episode. Thanks to everyone who made our holiday run so special, including “Toonces” for the NYE stub down, N8Dizzle for the Starr Hill, and Whipped Lightning for countless hours of shenanigans.

Thanks for listening.

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Special Report: Phish YEMSG, Sponsored by Weezy Bands and Jim’s Home Brew

Listen to SR- YEMSG


Yet another Phish Holiday Tour update. This time, It’s Steve (Roughsax) and Steve (UNOlker). Unfortunately Nick or Emilie couldn’t make it. We give the rundown of everything since this last update in Woosta. Some tiny show reviews, Ticket Checks, and Holiday cheer. This show is available in both video and audio.Happy New Year to all our listeners, thanks for tuning in, we will see you guys in 2011.


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Special Report: Phish – Woosta 2010

Listen to SR: Woosta

Taped on location at our hotel in Auburn MA, Emilie and I give a quick rundown of our first 24 hours in Woosta. We give a minimal lot report, a mini show review, a ticket check, and even some shots of Whipped Lightning. Since this show was “in studio”, we ran the video camera, but unfortunately, it ends abruptly after the first 10 minutes.

Expect another report on 12/30. In the meantime, stay up to date via our twitter account.



Editorial: Phish MSG Pay Per View

Listen to Editorial: Phish PPV

As most of you are probably aware of at this time, Phish will be providing a Pay Per View experience for their sold out shows at MSG on 12/30, 12/31, and 1/1. This privilege will cost the viewer $15/$20 per night, or $40 for the bundle of all 3 nights. There has been a lot of chatter the past few days, some for, some against the PPV. Despite being on hiatus this week, hosts of both shows, This Week on Lot and Type II Cast, felt the need to discuss for a few minutes.

The panel this week includes Steve and Nick form TWoL, and Tanya and Eric from Type II.

What are your thoughts on the PPV?

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TWoL 55: TWoL After Dark

Listen to Episode 55

Going live after midnight on the east coast, we thought it was only appropriate to title this episode “TWoL After Dark”. But we wanted to get in one last “normal” show of 2010, so we all grabbed a few drinks, and made it happen. Big ups to everyone in the chat room who stayed up late with us.

No big news this week on the jamband scene, so we hit you with all the standards; lot reports, ticket checks and whimsical banter. Don’t be hesitant on downloading this one however, it’s pure classic TWoL. Emilie saw a ton of music, Nick discusses the tap water situation in Vegas, and I play a lot of inappropriate sound bytes throughout. Some final advice before the Phish holiday run starts is given, and we fill everyone in on our plans for the same. Spoiler alert: WINE BAR!!!

Without a doubt, thanks to everyone who has been listening, whether from episode 1 or episode 54. We appreciate the support. We hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday, and we will see you guys on lot in Worcester.

Be good,


PS: Special thanks to friend of the show “fishinole1″ for a h3tty donation which we will put towards some stickers to hand out during this upcoming run.

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TWoL 53: How big is your flatbrim?

Listen to Episode 53

Thanks to everyone who stuck around for the live stream we apologize for the late start. The TWoL networks’ other podcast typeII started a little late and caused a domino effect.

For anyone reading this after the live broadcast you can stream the recorded version above or subscribe in iTunes. However, make a note if you want to listen to the live show tune into this link at 6:30 pm EST for typeII and 9:30 pm for TWoL.

This week was a little slow so we spent sometime reviewing our Thanksgiving holidays and talking about upcoming shows we plan to attend. Nick is planning on attending the DSO show and Emilie is finally going to see Boombox.

We also introduce a new segment where we try and figure out what people were actually trying to find when they stumbled on our site. This weeks episode title was actually inspired by one of these searches!

Last but not least we run through your voicemails. Thank you to everyone who left us a voicemail, we can’t be everywhere all the time! Remember if you’re going to be on lot hit us up at 419-NO-WOOKS and give us a report.

Thank you again to all of our listeners, we’ll see you next week on lot!

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TWoL 52: Don’t Text the Guy Streaming

Listen to Episode 52

Due to our holiday schedules this episode comes to you a day early and a host short. Yes it’s true we’re sans Emilie, but not to fear, long time TWoL correspondent Toonces fills the void. Emilie will be back next week once she gets back from her h3tty cruise.

First on the agenda this week is the review of the Trey show in Princeton. Steve and long time TWoL personality Noob Laura attended the show. Overall it was a really good show and someone how Steve managed to be seated next to one of the only wooks at the show. Even though the venue was really small there was definitely some open seats, you’ll have to listen to hear more details.

Steve also checked out Furthur in MSG on Saturday night. (Big ups to Jed Leckless for the tix.) Surprise surprise, Furthur shows have a level 10 crusty wook factor. I guess when you’ve been riding the tour train that long it’s hard to get off and take a shower. Overall the show was good, started strong but finished slow. To each their own.

Next up Toonces puts on a clinic of what types of beer are good for what types of lots. He also gives some advice on what to bring and how to sell if you’re going to try and make your gas money slanging beers on lot. There might be some fundamental changes in lot economics, this could be the death of 1 for $3 and 2 for $5 when it comes to beer. If you want the best sometimes you have to pay for it.

After that we run through a ticket check for the Phish holiday run. Looks like prices are holding steady or are rising. We also run through travel plans to and from the city for NYE. If you’re staying in Jersey we recommend using the PATH train unless you want to hang in NYC till 4:30 am. Take a listen to find out all of our travel tips.

Lastly we run through our voicemails for the week. Thank you to everyone who left a message! Remember we can’t be everywhere all the time so make sure to hit us up with your lot reports.

Thank you again everyone, we’ll see you next week on lot!

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TWoL 51: Baby Monkey!

Listen to Episode 51

For those of you who stuck with us in the chat room this week, we appreciate your dedication!

Once we did get rolling the first thing on the agenda this week was the hilarious video/music of the Baby Monkey video. If you haven’t seen this gem yet check out this link. You can also pick up the song that plays during the video for free until Nov 22nd on itunes. All we’ve got to say is you’ve got to keep on keeping on and get on that pig and hold on tight!

Our guest this week is no stranger to TWoL, it’s Phan Art Pete. He has been pretty busy lately with the release of the PhanFood book that’s upcoming and a contest he’s hosting to win free Phan Art. Check out his blog with all the details for your chance to win.

Trey from Phish has an upcoming acoustic show in a few days. Our very own Steve from TWoL will be in attendance and get this…he actually purchased his tickets for full price before the show! It better be worth it or expect an epic meltdown on TWoL in the upcoming weeks.

In other jamband news, Umphrey’s McGee is hitting the road with a vengeance January through March. Their tour dates include such h3tty places as Fargo, ND and Billings, MT. While often neglected, these beautiful cities are sure to inspire some great music. If you live anywhere near I suggest you check out the shows, because honestly you never know when/if a jamband will return to your town.

We’ve got another Phish ticket check for you this week and it looks like prices are holding steady. We all take wagers on where the final prices will end up. For the most part the consensus is everything will continue to drop except for NYE. But only time will tell.

Last but not least we run through the voicemails we received. Thank you to everyone who left us a message! Remember we can’t be everywhere and at every show, leave us a voicemail at 419-NO-WOOKS.

Thanks again, and we’ll see you next week on lot!

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TWoL 50: “I Love Lamp!”

Listen to Episode 50


Steve and Emilie


The TWoL Studio


Set I:

Intro >

No Nick (1) >

Lamp *

Dr. Dog >


Girl Talk –>

Boom Box Debacle *


Set II:

Josh Simpson (2)

Ticket Check

Voice Mails >

No Nick >

Voice Mails >

Outro *


1: “Don’t tell Robin” tease

2: H3tty crystal reference

*with pimping of TWoL products.


Show Notes: Nick was sick with the wook flu from AC, so Steve and Emilie trucked on. This episode is full of banter, often of the explicit type. Secret language signals are plentiful since the live show was done in video. One major flub occurred when both hosts forget to mention who won the Touropoly contest. Congratulations to “Underground Villain” and “Yaga Dave” who won the board game, and should be in the mail to them by the weekend.


Audio Notes: Lots of noticeable level changes throughout, we can only imagine some of Nick’s wook flu hit the interwebs and messed with the equipment here in the studio.


Other: This is not an episode for a #TWoL noob. Take caution when listening.

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Special Report: Phish, AC Night 3 (?)

Listen to Special Report_AC_Night 3 (?)

Watch this episode on YouTube

Ruh Roh!!!

Nick, Emilie and myself were MIA for most of the weekend, so our buddies “Toonces” and “Noob Laura” took over hosting duties. They discuss their thoughts on the scene, share some anecdotes from the weekend, and even managed to play some voice mails.

Great job guys!!!

- Steve


TWoL 48: GTL – Gym > Tanning > Lot

Listen to Episode 48

Phish Fall Tour 2010 is in full swing and so are the setlists and lot scenes! Utica seems to be the hit show so far but as I’m typing this the Manchester setlist is rolling in and it sounds like we might have a new leader.

Everyone is getting pumped up for the Halloween weekend and the TWoL crew is no exception. All 3 of us will be at the AC run and we plan on throwing down with the best of ‘em! Of course… come to our meet-up.

Steve managed to hit up a few shows this tour, some tickets were tougher than you would think. Our advice for Phish 3.0 Fall Tour = if it’s a weekend show make sure you get a ticket ahead of time. Oh and whatever you do take care of your shoes.

In non Phish news, unfortunately moe. had to cancel their October 30th show due to some personal family issues. We wish them all the best and hope everything turns out ok. They have rescheduled the show for December 4th. For more details on the announcement check this link out.

We received a TON of voicemails this week and we played every single one on this episode. Thank you for everyone who left one, keep them coming! Don’t forget we will randomly select a few people who leave voicemails to win a copy of Touropoly! Thank you again to Touropoly for being this months sponsor!

We appreciate all of our fans, thank you for your support! We’ll see you this weekend in AC!


Special Report: Maine, Fall 2010

Listen to Special Report : Maine, Fall 2010

Blap! Boom! Pow!

We have a Special Report for you guys. Our buddy Eric Wyman, of type II cast, hit the lot after the Maine show on 10/19/2010 and scored some interviews for us. This is 10 minutes you don’t want to miss. And please, don’t try this at home. Eric is a trained professional who had a solid supply of unicorn blood on him at all times.

Thanks for listening,




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TWoL 47: Stuff White People Like

Listen to Episode 47

We’ve got a very special episode of TWoL for you! Our guest this week is Caroline McCarthy from CNET. She comes to us to “defend” her comments on the 404 podcast episode where OkCupid reveals what white people like or at least they post on their dating page they like. Turns out what white guys over 30 like is Phish. It could be because many of them missed out on chasing girls in their 20’s because they were too busy chasing Phish around the country. You be the judge!

In a classic Bros vs. Brahs showdown we also discuss the difference in the female presence between a DMB show and a Phish show. Honestly way more females are at DMB shows then a Phish show, I don’t think it’s really an argument there. The point of discussion may be more around why? Leave us a voicemail and let us know your opinion on why such diversity between females at a DMB and females at Phish. 419-NO-WOOKS is the number to call!

Technology has brought the world together and information at your finger tips. People are more active and connected then ever, point in case Facebook and twitter. With the availability and connections you can create so easily, practical uses are exploding. If you’re an iPhone user there are now two Phish apps available, Live Phish and iTour.phish. If you’re an Android user there is only one Phish related app at this time, you can find it here.

Don’t forget there’s still time to sign up for the Atlantic City, NJ Phish tweetup. You don’t have to be on twitter to RSVP, come join us! You can RSVP at this link.

Last but not least we run through some voicemails. This week is a little interesting, we received all different kinds of voicemails. One of which appears to have been someones one phone call from jail. Thanks for providing a lot update even though you were locked up! For more details you’ll have to listen to the podcast. Don’t forget everyone that leaves us a voicemail during this Fall Tour will be eligible to win a Touropoly set from this month’s sponsor

Thank you everyone for the support, and we’ll see you next week on lot!


TWoL 45: Kamikaze Bunnies!

If you drive through the desert long enough you’re bound to see kamikaze bunnies…trust us.

But I digress…this week we are sans Emilie but we do have a female presence on the show in the form of this month’s sponsor, Amy from Touropoly. Touropoly is a game based on things and venues that are popular amongst the jamband scene. We are having a contest all month-long to give away a few of the Touropoly games. Just leave a lot report from whatever show you are at, Phish, WSP, UM, Tony Bennett, Paul Anka, it don’t matter! We will randomly select a few winners at the end of the month. Make sure you tune in to find out if you won!

Not too much going this week  but we find a few things to ramble about. Just as we predicted our ticket check confirms that every ticket on Phish Fall Tour 2010 continues to drop in price. The Halloween show is still topping the price list at $250 but hang tight phanners, you might be able to get into the show for face.

The New Years Eve run lottery emails went out today. Seems like most people hit the 30th show, a few hit the 31st show, and we’ve yet to hear of anyone who hit a ticket for the 1/1/11 show…Gamehenge perhaps? Leave us a voicemail if you or anyone you know actually hit something for the January 1st show.

In other jamband related news, Umphrey’s McGee had a contest to redesign their logo. Turns out they ended up with a UM in front of a rhino. Yep a rhino. I think Marc Ecko might have something to say about that if he had actually ever heard of UM.

Don’t forget about the Halloween Tweetup at the Atlantic City Phish show. Anyone is welcome, you can find details here. We swear we chose this location because the “wings” are so good!

Last but not least as always we run through your voicemails. Thank you to everyone who left a voicemail and thank you to everyone who joined the live chat this week. Every week we broadcast the show live on our Ustream TWoL account as well as record it for others to enjoy later. If you want to enjoy the live chat shows are broadcasted on Tuesday nights starting at around 9:30 pm EST. Come hide with herd and float with the flock!

Thank you again everyone, and we’ll see you next week on lot!

episode 45

Note: Be kind on the audio, still working out the new setup. – Steve


TWoL 43: Glitter Reprise

We’ve got a lot going on this episode, so let’s dive right in! Jed Luckless is our guest this week. Jed is a jamband fan living in New York and performs a live stream on Wednesday’s that you can find here. He play’s jamband music and also performs some of his original tunes, one of which he debuts at the end of this podcast so make sure to stay to the finish.

Big news this week was the announcement and onsale of the Four Mile Canyon Revival Benefit show. This show is set to provide funding for the Boulder Mountain Fire Relief Fund after the devastating fire in Boulder, CO. Artists to perform include, The String Cheese Incident, Big Head Todd & The Monsters, Yonder Mountain String Band, and the members of Phish. Funny enough the members of Phish are not “billed” as Phish, but rather just their names which leads us to believe they will come out and jam separately but not actually perform as Phish. Tickets went onsale through Ticket Horse and it seems a lot of tickets were held back as the sellout was instantaneous. Score one for the promoters to keep these benefit tickets out of the hands of scalpers.

Our ticket check this week reveals that the Broomfield shows in CO are actually leading the way for the most expensive secondary market ticket. Kind of a shock seeing as all the buzz is around the Halloween weekend in Atlantic City but then again they are basically the only “west coast” shows.

Next up we discuss the ability for people to connect with each other with ease thanks to technology. It’s funny when you think back a few years when twitter and Facebook didn’t really exist how easy it is to connect with other people, especially famous people and musicians now, it’s like day and night. Case in point, Furthur has started tweeting out pictures of their set lists after their shows so fans can take a look at what they were thinking before the show started. Pretty cool if you ask us.

It’s not too often that something good comes from the message boards on PT but this weekend there was a thread that was pure gold. It’s all about a parody on the Bud Light commercials “Real Men of Genius”, except this version is all about wooks. Check it out and also take a listen as Steve tries his best to recreate one of these commercials on air.

We also have a tweetup planned for the Atlantic City shows, you don’t have to be on twitter to sign up. Check out the details here, it’s being held at a super classy joint.  ; )

As always we run through your voicemails, thank you everyone who left us a lot report, keep them coming! We’ll see you next week on lot!

episode 43


Special Report : SKYGATE 2010

The debate over the epicness of the Phish song The Divided Sky is finally resolved in this mini podcast battle of Eric vs. Parker. Who will win? You’ll just have to listen to find out.

special report-skygate2010

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TWoL 39: “Hell U Ride”

The 2nd leg of Phish tour has started and it’s off with a bang! Emilie is absent this week as she was abducted by some wooks and forced to travel to Telluride, we make an attempt to contact her at the show but alas it was not to be. Apparently it was one hell of ride to get from the Greek to Telluride, she’ll be back next week to fill us in on experience.

Nick just got back from 3 nights at the Greek theater and runs through the “lot” scene or lack there of, as well as a talk about the beauty of the venue both in location and the sound. There was plenty of wooks around, I mean it’s Berkeley, CA but for the most part he managed to ignore the spunions and have a pretty good time. Take a listen to the podcast to get the whole story.

We also run a ticket check to see what Deer Creek, Alpine Valley, and Jones Beach tickets are running, not surprisingly seems like they hovering around face for lawns and slightly above for pavilions. If anybody has an extra Tuesday they are looking to unload Steve is still on the hunt.

This week we had our friend Spike on and he runs through a lot report for the Big Up Festival held in Ghent, NY. This festival combined different types of music and art, from the untz to jambands. All in all it sounds like a good time, you’ll have to take a listen to the podcast to hear full details.

As always we run through your voicemails to hear what’s going on in your lot. Thank you everyone who left a message, keep them coming!

Last but not least we run through the photos for our contest to win free glow sticks, from This week’s winner is Noob Laura for her picture of spunions wearing glowsticks and staring at flames. Keep your photo submissions coming and remember to put GSW in the subject line of your email so we don’t miss it. Once again that email address is hit us up!

See you next week on lot!

episode 39


Photo Submissions…..

and the winner is. . .

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As usual, the “tronz” messed with us again, and we had to call an audible at the last minute. Nick couldn’t stay online, so this week you got Emilie, Noob Laura and myself. At the top of the hour, we talk all things Greek and Phish tour. Mostly, we want everyone in a toga for Saturday. But beyond that, we kick down some tricks to make sure everyone has a good time.

Next, we talk about some recent Jam Cruise artist additions. Emilie wants on like you wouldn’t believe. Apparently, I have no idea who Taylor Hicks is. And Noob Laura realizes that you can get snacks all the time on a cruise ship. All in all, we definitely would like to see TWoL get on the boat. (Did someone say first podcast in international waters? ;-)

Last but not least, we have some great lot reports this week. Everything from DMB to Glitter Fest 2010 (aka SCI). Keep the reports coming. Keep the photos coming (see here for info). And check us out on lot in a few days.

Be good,


PS. I think we mentioned Snooki too, but I’m not sure why.


episode 38

. photo entries:

and the winner is. . . .

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TWoL 36: Blame Canada!

This week we have some very special guests/sponsors on the show all the way from Canada! Andrew and Mike join us from and we discuss a little about their site and what they’re all about. They will also be giving away glowsticks to a few lucky listeners during the 2nd leg of Phish tour this summer. For details on how to win you’ll have to listen to the podcast.

With the first leg of Phish Summer Tour 2010 done and the 2nd part getting ready to start it’s about time some bunk Phish Fall Tour 2010 dates started to show up. This little gem was plucked from the intrawebz, besides Austin City Limits and the heavily rumored Vegas shows, TWoL is calling nanners on the rest of it. You think that if this was an official list they would at least be able to spell Gainesville right.  Hopefully we have to eat our words and the whole thing comes true, but let’s just say we aren’t holding our breath.

In other news Steve is heading to Camp Bisco 9 this weekend where he will be attempting to get some h3tty interviews from the lot and festival scene while getting down with the untz. There’s a ton of amazing music lined up you can check out all the artists here, it all culminates with 3 shows by the Disco Biscuits. If you haven’t secured your tickets for this untz filled weekend, don’t worry tickets are still available at the gate. For more info on tickets for Camp Bisco 9 check out this link. Don’t forget your flatbrim people, it’s going to be one hell of a weekend!

Thank you again to everyone who left us voicemails, we play a few of them at the end of this episode and Nick nearly vomits when he hears where a wookette’s tongue has traveled. To hear the gruesome story you’ll to tune and take a listen. Peace everyone, we’ll see you next week on the lot!

episode 36

Camp Bisco 2009 by Steve O

Camp Bisco "Lot" 2009 by Steve O.


TWoL 35: I’ve Been Partying Since June 17th

After a few weeks on Phish tour and at High Sierra Music Festival the entire crew of TWoL is back for this episode! Emilie has been going nonstop since June 17th wooking it up with the best of them and has tales of tour from coast to coast.

We have a review of all the Phish lots we’ve been to since the last time we left our listeners at Merriweather. There were a lot of wooks, even more cops, some serious bust outs from the band, and Steve learns that luke warm wine from a bag doesn’t sell well on the lot. Just goes to show there’s always a lesson on the lot.

We received a TON of voicemails since our last full episode and we appreciate everyone leaving us amazing lot reports. There was so many we couldn’t get to all of them but we tried to bring you the best of the best. Looks like a lot of folks from Phish tour left us messages as well as some from Furthur. Keep them coming!

Last but not least we try out a new segment on the show reviewing a random search term people used to find our blog. We’re not exactly sure how the googles navigated people to our site from this term and even what the person really meant. You be the judge!

Thanks again to PhanArt for sponsoring us this month and to everyone who left voicemails. We’ll be announcing the random winner of the PhanArt package giveaway next week. Until then see you on the lot!

episode 35

furthur lot with noob laura


Special Report – MPP 2010

Hey everyone! Check out our latest show live from the south lot in Merriweather Post Pavilion. Steve and Emilie bring you a recap of the last week on Phish tour, plus special guests. We chat with Jessica, the runner up in our Alpine Valley contest. We talk the business of lot with our buddies Tyler and Thomas. Finally, we sit down with our sponsor for the month, Pete Mason, aka PhanArt.

The Summer Tour giveaway continues. Hit us up with your Lot Reports to 419-NO-WOOKS (419-669-6657). Reports can be about anything; the shows, your hotel, a chick you hooked up with in the lawn, drunk dials…. it’s all good. 4 winners will be randomly picked and given a poster courtesy of PhanArt.

special report – MPP – 2010

Photos by Emilie G.

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Special Report – Hartford 2010

Hey guys, here is a special lot report, recorded in front of a live studio audience on the Hartford VIP lot, 6/18/2010. We talk all things lot, what was happening at Hartford, and what we suspect in SPAC. It’s funny, it’s informative, it’s TWoL.

Keep us locked in iTunes as we will drop more reports as tour continues. And hit us up with all your lot reports, 419-NO-WOOKS.

special report – Hartford – 2010

Photo by @ericwyman

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TWoL 34: We’re taking requests!

Phish is back on tour!!! The first 4 shows have been a blast so far and the boys have been sounding great. Our old friend Noob Laura is back as a guest this week and explains to us the proper way to get someone to stop peeing in the bushes of a VIP area. You’ll have to listen to the podcast voicemails to hear all the details.

Steve made it to the Hershey as well as nTelos and has been spreading the love about TWoL. If you see him and his wine bar on lot, make sure to stop by and say hi. We’re also going to try to have a live setup going this Friday at the Hartford show where we’ll be recording live lot reports, so be on the lookout for that as well.

Remember we’re running our givaway for free t-shirts and posters courtesy of PhanArt for anyone who leaves us a lot report while they’re on tour. Program that number into your phones so you don’t forget it, 419-NO-WOOKS (419-669-6657).

Thank you to everyone who left us voicemail this last week, we’ll be back this weekend to listen the rest of them. See you on lot!



TWoL 32.5 Update: And the winner is. . .

Congratulations to Mr. Chris who took 1st place and won the Alpine Valley travel package plus guest spot. Congrats to Jessica F. who took 2nd place and wins a guest spot on TWoL plus a beer on lot.  Thanks to everyone who submitted a story. We truly appreciated your participation and enjoyed reading all your stories. Thanks for listening. (note: I edited out voicemail entries so the iTunes feed would post correctly.)



TWoL 32: After Midnight

After a brief BBQ hiatus Nick returns and when we listen to the voicemails we find out that he has either a fan or a stalker. You’ll have to listen for yourself and decide which on it is.

This week we have Danny as our guest from The Digital Buddhas which is an organization for The Disco Biscuits fans who like to see their shows while remaining drug and alcohol free. He also recently attended Bisco Inferno and gives a great review of the shows and the lot scene in general. Turns out he saw our good friend Neil from the Coventry Music blog, it really is a small world after all.

The clock is ticking as I type this blog post. Right now there is only 1.5 hours left to submit your lot stories to win the Alpine travel package for the Phish shows. So if you’ve been waiting till the last-minute now is the time to get your entry in.

We received over 20 voicemails this weekend from our listeners, thank you everyone who left a message. Due to time restrictions we could only play 1o of them but thank you again to everyone who took the time to leave us a message, keep them coming!

Thank you to CID Entertainment who was our sponsor for this month and is the reason we’re able to give away the Alpine travel package. We’re currently looking for other sponsors, if you’re interested please contact at and we’ll be sure to get back to you right away.

episode 32

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TWoL 31: Knee Deep in Brisket

Steve and Emilie go live as a duo again this week while Nick is knee deep in brisket preparing for his big BBQ cook-off this weekend!  We wish him all the luck 300 h3tty crystals can bring a brah…

We start this episode off by doing a quick recap of this past week’s musical outings; Emilie went hipster-wook and hit up Plants and Animals. Not quite a the lot scene, but the show rocked HARD!  If you see this band coming through your town – GO!  Steve kept it OG-wook and spent the night with a few fellow twibe members at DSO in New Jersey (keep it dirty) and reports that there was no shortage of wookery at the raging Shakedown out front.

Festival season officially kicks off this weekend with lots of Memorial Day Weekend fun from coast to coast.  We run down the list of all the festivals to choose from: with so many amazing options you have no excuse to be on couch tour!   Starting in the middle we’ve got Summer Camp going on it’s 10th year in Chillicothe, Illinois – people travel from all over for this UMoe. fest.  The northeast has got DelFest where Noob Laura will hold down the fort (we better get some lot reports).  The west coast gets the most love with four festivals to choose from: Lightning in a Bottle if you’re looking for untz, Mountain Aire Furthur Fest if you’re looking for grilled cheese, Desert Rocks festival in Utah if you’re looking for beautiful surroundings and Sasquatch up at the Gorge if you’re looking for skinny jeans.  All in all, it looks like it should be a nice little weekend of music.

With summer tour only days away, we touch on late nights and ticket checks.  SPAC night 1 has sold out making it the first show other than those that sold out immediately to “sell out.”  If you didn’t get a chance to snag tickets, check out our buddy Jim’s contest – he’s giving away a pair of SPAC pavillions for a good cause – MS research.  We also talk late nights as we look at all the artists traveling to Telluride to play to those who can’t find a miracle.  And, speaking of Phish – we’ve heard major “no’s” on the Indio rumor that had been circulating in recent months…which leads us to our next poll:  If there’s no festival in Indio, where will it be?? We’ve come up with a few options below so scroll, vote and let us know what you think.

As many of you have heard, there was a bit of family drama in the PT world this past week, congratulations to PhanTank who has officially earned his 15 minutes of fame.  We here at TWoL want to go on record and say “can’t we all just get along??”  Come on people, we’re here for the music!!

We close it out with voicemails were we have a little nugget from our youngest listener (go to sleep, it’s past your bedtime!!)

Stay tuned and keep the lot reports coming….you never know….maybe you’ll end up the winner of an Alpine Valley travel package!

episode 31

Sponsor for this episode: CID Entertainment

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TWoL 30: And It Begins

We’re all back together this week bringing the latest and greatest.  Austin City Limits was finally kangfirmed, thanks to CoventryBlog for a good head start on that one.  We all think this is a really wise choice for Phish (and a much better choice than Bonnaroo) and shows that Phish does what they want.  Three day passes sold out before the announcement, which we also think is pretty sweet, but single day passes are still available.  With ACL being Oct 8-10, of course that only further solidifies the oh-so-fun Vegas rumor of three nights at the Thomas & Mack the following weekend.  We say book it.  Other possibilities to round out the first leg of fall tour could be LA, Phoenix, Denver, and a few others in between…and of course, maybe, Indio.

Next do a quick ticket check (ticket cheeeeeck) and peep on how much $$ summer tour tickets cost as of today.  A real-time check showed some of the cheapest bottoming out at $19 and of course Telluride still in the lead at a whopping $1000+.  Berkeley is up there at $200 and surprisingly you can still get an Ntelos ticket for around $75.  With less than a month left til the start of the tour, we’ll see how these prices hold up.  We heard Alpines are already hanging from trees out there.  Just saying…

Speaking of Alpine…CID Entertainment’s Alpine Valley travel package is still up for grabs.  We wanna hear your best lot story.  It doesn’t have to be crazy, it doesn’t have to be illegal or scandalous (although we do wanna hear those too).  It just has to be awesome.  This week we wanna hear some lot love stories!  Tell us how you fell in love on the lot.  You can enter three different ways: 1. Call us and leave a message at 419-NO-WOOKS  2. Hit us up on the blog 3. Send us an email.  Enter all three ways, we dare you.

Touching ever so slightly on last’s week’s spring cleaning, TWoL is looking to go live this summer from the lot so we need equipment!  We now have a h3tty donation page were you can show your love once, or over and over again.  You can also show your love by becoming our fan on Facebook.

Last but definitely not least, we listen to a few voicemails, including an always rare pro-wook VM.  Thanks to our buddy Mike we now also have a h3tty new VM jingle!  (Check out some of his other stuff here and here.)  Prank calls or wook-spottings, don’t forget to drunk dial us and leave us a lot report.

Next week we’ll be back with (hopefully) more breaking news!!

episode 30

Sponsor for this episode: CID Entertainment

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TWoL 29: Spring Cleaning…

Nick is on hiatus this week, but Steve and Emilie kill it with the first ever TWoL live video stream episode packed full of rumors, updates, and voicemails – oh my!

Phish in Vegas is the big rumor this week with dates being October 14-16, fitting well with the Austin City Limits rumor of the weekend before. This also flows well with the possibility of Phish heading back to Indio for Fest9 again this Halloween.

Also in Phish news, earlier today they recorded their take on a Rolling Stone’s: Exile on Mainstreet song for the Jimmy Fallon show that airs tonight. We’re all waiting patiently to see what they’ll play!

Then the spring cleaning begins and we bring you all the latest TWoL updates including links to “kick down some donations brah“, sponsorship opportunities, CID – Alpine Valley Travel Package contest, our Jambase page which tracks all the shows we are going to, and last but certainly not least our new Facebook page!  Become a fan today and we’ll love you forever.

Lastly we listen to some great voicemails and all get a good laugh. Again, thank you to everyone who calls in with reports – keep the drunk dials coming! It’s also not too late to partake in our poll from last week, let us know if you danced (or didn’t dance) at Phish3D.

Next week the band will be back together.

episode 29

Sponsor for this episode: CID Entertainment


TWoL 28.5: Are you a Baller?

Well kidz, it’s time for another contest. Our last one, episode 8.75, was a huge success. This time around, we are going BALLER!!! Up for grabs is a 2 night travel package for Phish at Alpine Valley, August 14-15, 2010. This deal can not be beat, and has been donated to us by CID Entertainment. Lodging, shuttle, t-shirts, and LP downloads are all included. Plus, you get to choose from 2 h33ty hotels, the Timber Ridge Lodge and the Grand Geneva Hotel. Please note, tickets are not included, but as Steve reported last year, they were real easy to come by (eg: like toilet paper).

How do you win? We want to hear a good lot story. Anything and everything goes. Phish lot, Dead lot, hell . . . even DMB lot. It can be about a good time with your boys, how you made bank selling grilled cheese, how you met your significant other on tour, or how you scored a ride home from a stranger. To make things interesting, we are giving you 3 ways to enter, and you can enter each way. (that’s 3 chances to win, different stories of course).

You can enter via:

1) Comment on this post. Just leave a comment with your story, we will read on the air if it grabs our attention.

2) Voice mail. You know the number; 419-NO-WOOKS. Call us and leave you story in audio form. Of course we will play on the air.

3) Email. Send an email with your story. Again, if you make it on the air, that’s a good sign.

The fine print: Contest starts as of this post and runs until June 1st at midnight EDT. Winners will be announced on Episode 33, scheduled for June 6. Judges will be the hosts of TWoL, and 2 celebrity guests, TBD. Winner will be contacted and given the choice of which package they would like. In addition to the CID travel package, they will also be offered a guest spot on TWoL. A runner up prize will be offered, which is a guest spot on TWoL and a beer on lot by any of the hosts.

Super fine print: No hosts of TWoL or prior guests, or their families, may win either of the prizes. Best lot story is at the sole discretion of the hosts and the 2 celebrity judges. Offer void where prohibited (that means you Canada). This contest is being run by TWoL, donated by CID and is not endorsed by Phish. Promotional consideration provided by

Good luck to everyone and we can wait to hear your best lot story.

P.S. – Make sure to listen to this mini-episode about the contest. We might give clues on how to win ;-)

episode 28.5


TWoL 28: To dance or not to dance? That is the question.

So the long awaited Phish 3D movie has finally hit theatres nationwide and all 3 of us managed to see it this past weekend. The movie definitely had some good points and some bad points but it all worked out. For the most part our experiences were pretty uneventful, tune in to find out the details of our movie night.

Next up is rumors. What would the internets be without rumors right? So there’s some Fall Tour rumors for Phish floating around. The one that seems to be getting the most attention is Austin City Limits in Texas. Other rumors are a return to Indio for another festival, a Gorge trip, and 3 nights in fabulous Las Vegas, NV. If the Vegas rumors are true, and god TWoL hopes they are, we will have a special live lot reports going on. Take a listen to hear more rumors about the dates and our plans if any of them come true.

As always we take a listen to your voicemail lot reports. Thank you to everyone who left us a Phish 3D lot report we received a lot of interesting takes from folks attending the screenings. We also receive one special lot report that’s actually up for “Lot Report of the Year” as it was so well done. Make sure to listen to all the voicemails as you don’t want to miss this nugget of lot gold.

We’ve also got a great poll going on this week, please take a moment to fill out our Phish 3D experience poll listed below.

episode 28


TWoL 27: The Word

Hey everybody, have you heard???

Heard what brah?

Tune in to find out what you should have heard, we guarantee it’s extra h3tty. While you’re finding out what you should have heard you’ll also find out about Steve’s experience last weekend at tDB and Emilie’s experience at Dr. Dog. Surprisingly at tDB the flat brims were not out in numbers but that didn’t stop the nitrous tanks from following the untz. Emilie also finds out that Dr. Dog can be a pretty hard ticket to get.

We got some great voicemails this week, thank you to everyone who left us a lot update. We would especially like to thank the gentleman who left us the voicemail about The Allman Brothers Band, it helped Nick relive an interesting concert moment he had last year. You’ll have to listen to hear the whole story, but let’s just say it ends with a spunion 60 year old lady getting a high five from Nick.

Make sure to be on the look out early next week for our review of the Phish 3D movie lot’s, it opens this weekend and all 3 of us have plans to see it this weekend. Until next time, try to stay wook free our friends.

episode 27

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TWoL 26: We Ain’t Got Shit > Banter

So just as the episode title states this week we ain’t got shit! Not too much going on this week, none of us have made it to the Phish 3D movie yet, but we all have plans to see it the weekend it opens nationwide.

From the little bit of activity we did have Emilie went to “Fauxchella” and saw a few bands that played recently at Coachella. She was able to catch Miike Snow, MGMT, and TLG in SF this week. She also made it out to see The Grateful Dead Movie where there was a little bit of a scene. We banter around those bands a few other things that amuse us.

We run through some voicemails from our listeners some are about the Phish 3D experience and some are just about as random as they come. However, we thank everyone who left us a message keep them coming! Since we didn’t have shit to talk about this week we also took some suggestions from our twitter followers and discussed random topics.

Stay tuned for next week when we will announce a special giveaway contest we’re having. You won’t want to miss it!

episode 26

All the cool kids are doing it!


TWoL 25: Movies and books and hoops, oh my!

Festival 8 is back in all of its full glory on the big screen! Today the cities were finally announced where you can go and see Festival 8 in 3D as performed by Phish on Halloween Weekend 2009.  Cities are listed here and at some select theatres you can already purchase advance tickets. The film is scheduled to open on April 30th and run for one week so be sure to see it while you can.

Next up we’ve got a ticket check, it appears that Great Woods has finally “sold out” as we were no longer able to pull tickets. I guess everyone will just have to wait for the inevitable rerelease that’s sure to happen. We also perform a sanity check and see what prices tickets are going for. Every show that isn’t sold out is going for under face and currently Telluride holds the top price at around $700 a ticket. No surprises, but we’ll keep an eye out and let the listeners know what’s going on each week.

Our friends over at Glide Magazine did a rundown of the “10 Hardest Phish Tickets” and for the most part we agree with their lists. There are some discrepancies and debatable picks but over all we agree. You can check out the list here.

Speaking of movies, turns out The Grateful Dead have another movie coming out. Got to keep the merchandising machine running, Bobby needs some new shorts!  Jambase has a great write up providing the details about where and when you can see the movie in theatres as well as details on when you can buy the movie.

Our old friend Noob Laura is back on the episode this week and she brings with her a book review of Headz. This book is about the lot scene and about different characters and their experiences getting to the lot and on the lot. We aren’t sure how we feel about the book but if you’re interested you can find it on their website but you’ll have to take a listen to find out Laura’s review.

Last and certainly least (in some of our opinions) is the strange Hulaween announcement of SCI and tDB playing in Hampton, VA. We’ve got our predictions of how the flatbrim, untz, glitter, hula-hoops, and pinwheels night is going to turn out and it’s not looking good. If you’re bored off your ass or just want to kangfirm we aren’t making this up and they really are planning to do this check out the info.

Thanks everybody for listening, we’ll see you next week on lot!

episode 25


TWoL 24: I saw you with 7 extra Lawn ticket stubs in your hand!

After a brief delay this week due to technical difficulties we’re back up and at ‘em and we’re bringing with us a new guest. Emilie joins the podcast as a permanent member this week. She met Steve and I this past year, myself at the Hampton shows and Steve at the Fenway show. Coincidentally she also met Noob Laura at the Hampton shows where the Phish Twibe had their first official tweet-up.

So the big news this past week has been the announcement of the Phish lottery results and the on-sales for the summer shows. Each of us talk about how we fared in the lottery. Some of us did better than others but the general consensus is we all got what we wanted either in the lottery or during the on-sales. As the title alludes to, tickets are pretty easy to get now that the hype as died down.

Which brings us to our next point of discussion, what sold out and what is still available? Phish officially lists nTelos, Berkeley, Telluride, Great Woods, and both nights of Jones Beach as sold out. However, during our podcast we were able to pull a Great Woods pavilion ticket so something weird is going on with that.

Telluride is the hot item ticket so far this tour as it’s a 2 day event and involves camping so it can practically be considered a mini festival. The big news was the announcement presale that anyone who purchases a ticket through the only available vendor for this event,, would get a paperless ticket. These paperless tickets are an effort for the band to help prevent scalping from these highly sought after tickets. It still won’t stop any scalpers who won tickets in the lottery from selling their tickets but it’s a good start. What the hell is a paperless ticket and how does it work you ask? Well check it out here for an explanation of how it all works.
Our discussion about ticket scalping brought us to another point. What if all shows were general admission? There’s some good points and some bad points, and in the end would it all work out? Or would people just be a little freaked out? You’ll have to listen to find out our thoughts.

In other Phish related news, there will be a 3D movie of last years epic Halloween festival Fest8 in Indio, CA. You can check out a trailer and sign up for the mailing list which will announce theatre dates and times here. There is a sneak preview coming out in a few select cities on April 20th, but the official release of the movie is scheduled for April 30th.

Finally we finish up with your voicemails as well as letting everyone know our live feed will not be back up until May due to some studio “upgrades” that Steve needs to perform.
Thanks everyone for listening, make sure to leave us your lot reports at 419-NO-WOOKS.
(NOTE: The actual episode ends at about 34 minutes. The last 12 minutes is an excerpt from about the 5 hours spent trying to score pavilion tickets during the public on-sale. Nick, Eric, Jim and I used skype to coordinate an attack on Ticketmaster.- Steve)

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TWoL 23: SXSW (South by South-Wook)

This is an interesting episode kids.

We start off with Nick, Emilie, and myself “rabbling” about phish summer tour.

Then Andy from Jambase joins us to talk about SXSW, and some more Phish tour.

At this point, the whole podcast shit the bed, so we hit the abort button and finished up a few days later.

In the last 10 minutes, we touch on Phish tickets by mail and the upcoming public on-sale. Be sure to check out our handy guide.

I give a quick rundown of the Bisco Power Mission at the Brooklyn Bowl.

Finally, We give the inside scoop on the Auction.

Hope you enjoy and hang in there till our next episode when we will analyze the ticket situation for summer tour.

Be good,


episode 23 remix

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TWoL 22: I Traveled All This Way and all I Got Was a Broken Wrist?!?

This week our guest is Vortman, an old of friend of Steve’s. He’s spent 50 days traveling to each of the 50 states and creating artworks in each. He mainly creates paintings at music shows and festivals so you may be familiar with some of his groups work already. To find out how it’s possible to travel to all 50 states in 50 days take a listen and see how he did, the route he took is not actually that conventional. You can check out his art as well as a link to purchase artwork here.

In the event that you’ve been without the internet or living in a cave this week let us be the first to tell you that Phish announced their summer 2010 tour. They’re playing some of their typical spots and a few ones that they haven’t played in a long time are on the list this time. The much anticipated Telluride shows were confirmed as well as a three nights at the Greek in Berkeley California. Other than that if you live in the western part of the country you’re going to have to take a road trip to see them.  Our friends at Hidden Track from Glide Magazine have a good rundown on all the shows here.

In other news it seems that Barber from The Disco Biscuits managed to mess himself up again, whether it was another drunken accident we can’t say. Rumors are swirling about how it happened, it seems fishy that they don’t say any specifics on how he broke his wrist. They canceled the show in Montclair, NJ which Steve is very upset about considering he could walk to the show. They did continue with a free Boston show with guest guitarist from RAQ but had to cancel the show after first set due to rumors of police and fire marshals unhappy about backstage activities. Coventry Music blog has a good write-up on the whole situation.

episode 22


TWoL 21: Oops we forgot…

We apologize for the delay in getting you an episode Steve was overcome with the wook flu last week and we were unable to get an episode up. However, I think this weeks episode definitely makes up for the delay.

Our guest this week is Andy Gadiel from and Andy Gadiel’s Phish Page. Andy gives us a rundown about how he got started with Jambase and the history of his personal Phish page. A word of advice, always volunteer at a music festival, it just might change your life.

Next up we talk about the shows we’ve attended in the last 2 weeks and what was happening in the lot scenes. All 3 of us made it to a recent show although some of the shows were better than others. Steve also chimes in about what’s “grinding his gears” wait till you hear how much he paid for a single beer.

Rumors, what would the intrawebz be without them? Phish is not so much “rumored” to be playing Telluride in Colorado as it’s been in the local news. Also heavily rumored is that Phish might be playing at Wrigley Field in Chicago on June 1st Andy certainly hopes so as he originally hails from the windy city and the rumored date is on the eve of his birthday.

The Disco Biscuits Camp Bisco has been announced and Steve is excited for the lineup. We find out that Andy actually attended the very first Camp Bisco and has some fond memories. Also make sure to check out Honest Tunes Radio Show , they’ll be interviewing Tea Leaf Green soon.

Speaking of history, yesterday was the one year anniversary of the return of Phish. This was also the same weekend that Nick first met Noob Laura in person. Happy Anniversary to Phish and Happy Anniversary to the This Week on Lot original crew.

Hope everyone enjoys this episode, we’re hoping to have Andy back on again soon to give us a live “lot” report from SXSW.

episode 21


TWoL 20: So I heard…

So I heard… Steve saw the The Disco Biscuits, Tea Leaf Green, and Galactic. He gives a rundown of the scene and the lot for each.

Turns out so I heard there’s a lot of rumors flying around about Phish tour for Summer and beyond. There’s still talk of a Euro or even Japan tour, and of course there’s also the American cities being named. The only one that holds an “announced” possibility right now is Telluride. It’s listed here in the Denver Post. They admit they’re still working on a deal but it may be possible.

Also apparently if you didn’t know The Disco Biscuits are selling themselves out for unspeakable pleasures and mindless activities. See all that they have to offer here. Nothing says I love you like Barber sleeping under your bed.

One more thing; so I heard that UM is having a UMBowl2010 where you can vote for the first acoustic songs to be played in the first quarter.  After that it’s still up in the air.

episode 20

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We’re at DEFOCN 5 here at TWoL, Steve is running out of light cream for his White Russians. In other news, I’m sure most of you already know that Bonnaroo made their lineup announcement. We talk a little about the lineup and the decisions that must be made when you have so many bands to choose from. We also talk about the Total Access Pass that Bonnaroo is offering this year, it’s basically the only way to guarantee that you’ll have a wook free weekend.

We also talk about Trey Tour and our guest this week, Eric, shares his experience from the recent Boston show. Turns out that TAB is a whole different scene than a Phish show.

Furthur tour rolls into the famous Barton Hall in Ithaca NY. Check out the 1977 concert here.

Finally as always we take a listen to your voicemails and emails about what’s going on in your lot. We’re still looking for someone to help fill Laura’s role while she is on hiatus so if your interested please leave us a voicemail at 419-NOWOOKS.

Please note: The new email addy is But, will also continue to work.

episode 19


TWoL 15: A Shiftload of Phish

Even though Trey told us to cool out until next Summer, we’re all still buzzing about Phish and the crazy year that was 2009. We just can’t get enough. So to keep us warm and cozy through the next 5 (or 6?!) months of bleek non-Phish existence, our good friend @EricWyman put together an amazing playlist of the Best Jams of 2009. With the help of nearly everyone on Twitter, Eric collected votes on the best jams (or songs) from all three tours, Hampton, Fest 8, and New Years. There was so much to choose from but the votes made it pretty clear which jams were the best of the best. Listen to hear which jam reigned supreme over the goodness that was 2009. Granted, you can’t really ever boil it down to just one song, right? So Eric and friends put together over 7 hours of amazing Phish for our listening pleasure. For all you cubicle monkeys, you can start this playlist first thing in the morning and rock out your entire shift at work. Not that you don’t do that already, we’re sure…

You can stream or download the entire playlist and let us know what you think. Also, check out the votes from the twitter and community. Anything on there you agree or disagree with?

Still looking back fondly at 2009, we address the best and worst lots of the year. We unanimously agree on the worst of the year. We’ll give you one hint: our personal space was definitely invaded and we did not enjoy it. The best lot? We all disagree but that’s a good thing, right? If the overall lot scene of 2009 was good, then win for all of us!

After the break, we look ahead at the multitude of tours in the next few months. It seems every jam band is on the road and is coming to your town (yea, even to Iowa). We have the Trey Anastasio Band sticking pretty close to the east coast, not showing any love to the west coast fans much to Nick’s dismay. It’s great to have our beloved ginger back on the road, but do the tickets need to cost so damn much? It’s because he’s bringing the horns, isn’t it? If you’ve had enough ginger in your life, you could always join Laura and Steve on the Disco Biscuits tour. Again, Brownie and the band are staying primarily on the east coast, with the exception of 4 dates in Denver and Bisco Inferno in May. This tour is going to be HOT and we can’t wait. And if that wasn’t enough for you, moe. is practically going everywhere in the next few months. Everywhere. And somehow they seem to be the first band to cater to their visual learning fans and put up a pretty sweet on their website. Check ‘em out. Need more options? How about Umphrey’s, Galactic, or Tea Leaf Green? Moral of the story? We had better be getting some lot reports from you brah and sisbrahs in the next few months because there is some music to be seen.

Speaking of lot reports, we got a fresh lot report from our good friend and part-time Ocelot @zippyhybrid. We met this cat and his girl at Fest8 and they are good people. Zippy is hitting us up from the NYE Yonder Mountain show.

All in all? We have so much to dwell on from last year but even more ahead of us this year. Happy 2010 kids! See you on lot!

episode 15


TWoL 14: Moons over Brahami

This special episode was recorded live from Miami. We all traveled down to check out Phish for the 30th and NYE show and decided to put an episode together from the hotel room.

First up we talk about the lot scene at America Airlines Arena or lack thereof a lot. We found out that you make get closer than you want to with other phans in this particularly tiny lot.

We also talk about the iphone Phish apps Steve reviewed in our last episode. Steve and Laura managed to kill sometime on their long drive down to Florida using the app I Didn’t Know and we put the Phanatic app into good use last night to track all the bustouts from the show.

Speaking of bustouts last night was a great show and there were many bustouts throughout the night. We talk specifically about Tela and how one of our friends has been obsessed with this long-awaited song.

Often times we give travel tips, this time we talk about how our travels went getting to Miami and even managed to meet a Phan that came all the way from Germany. He runs a blog for all the Phans in Germany and Europe.

Even though we’re all in our late 20’s or older we discuss the age-old question of how much information do you give to your parents? Turns out some of us are still telling little white lies about where we go when we’re on tour.

episode 14