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TWoL 122: STFU

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We’re not gonna lie. It was a tough night, kids.  A slew of technical difficulties almost kept us from getting an episode on the books.  Some perseverance from UNO finally got us off the ground a little over an hour behind schedule.  Get that man a cigarette!

We dove right in to the news stories with a nod to our show’s title.  You don’t want to get on Bobby’s bad side and we here at TWoL are in agreement with him.  In other news we broke down the lineups for Camp Bisco, All Good, and Big Up and take a look at the Bowlive IV guests.  Furthur has sold out 8 nights at the Cap and if you find yourself there you just might get questioned by DanMar.  We’ll let her explain why.  In other tour news, we’re “Still Waiting” for those Phish dates but SCI and WSP fans have something to shout about.

Tech News Tidbit: get on those Umphrey’s free ringtones this week.

After two nice voicemails (keep ‘em coming!) we debuted a new segment: Ask DanMar.  This one already looks to be promising and we can’t wait to have the next batch of questions answered. If you want DanMar to answer your questions, (any and all questions) send inquiries to:

Have a great week and see you soon!




TWoL 63: Dust off your tent

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Dust off your tent because it’s festival time! Lots of festival announcements and news this week, let’s get right to it!

The initial lineup for High Sierra Music Festival was announced! Looks like MMJ and Ween are headliners.

The heavily rumored Dave Matthews Band festival appearances are starting to get some more press. They are rumored to be in Atlantic City at Bader Field on June 24-26th according to

The Electric Forest Festival headlined by String Cheese Incident is taking place in Rothbury, MI. The lineup seems to be a bit all over the place but diversity is a good thing so take it or leave it.

The Rock n Roll Resort festival is kicking off the festival season. This unique festival combines the cost of your hotel (all shows are held on the hotel grounds) with your admission to the festival. Next to a state park this festival offers amazing scenic views and outdoor opportunities while being able to sleep in comfort and style. This festival is also a good way to start into the spring/summer musical spirit as it’s being held April 1-3 in Kerhonkson, NY.

Bisco Inferno is back again this year at Red Rocks. Come get your untz on in one of the nations most scenic parks!

If Bisco Inferno wasn’t enough untz and electronica for you then make sure you check out The Governors Ball Music Festival.

Now that we have all the festival announcements out of the way, save the official Phish announcement of Wakins Glen, let’s get to some other news. has starting tracking and posting Sideshows from the different members of Phish. Basically this will keep track of setlists from the personal projects of the members of Phish. The initiative is still a work in progress but we look forward to it. Thanks to everyone at for all the work you put in, it’s truly appreciated! Also, they have a sweet Cactus contest running right now.

Target has starting selling a womens Phish shirt. Surprisingly enough it appears PT has not yet got wind of this as there are no douchebag comments left on the reviews. Either that or Target regulates their comments and reviews very strictly. In any event happy shopping ladies!

Last but not least we run through all the voicemails we had leftover from last week. Thank you to everyone that left a report!

We’ll see you next week on lot!


TWoL 44: It’s been a looooong night!

Welcome back everyone! No guest this week but we do have some site improvements and a new addition to the TWoL network to announce. First and foremost we added a calendar feature it’s under “The Schedule” on the right side of our page below the RSS feed. TWoL also has a new podcast going called type II cast, it’s all about music reviews and will contain a “panel of guests” on and off. Check it out it airs on Tuesday’s at 8 pm EST right before TWoL at 9:30 EST.

Tonight we broadcast on Monday as Nick has an important event tomorrow night, but hey at least you get to start your week off with an episode! First up we banter about what shows we did and didn’t see this last week. One listener who was at the same Perpetual Groove show as Steve learns a valuable lesson about wearing a raincoat if you’re going to buy nitrous. You’ll have to listen to find out the details. Steve also hit the LCD Soundsystem.

Next up we run through the exciting announcement about Phish running a 5 night New Years Run! Starting with 2 shows in Worcester, MA and finishing off in MSG with a show on 1.1.11 this run has a lot of promise. Phish is known for pulling some serious pranks/surprises, and some of us really hope the 1.1.11 brings a huge surprise.

We run a ticket check as we try to do anytime Phish or other jambands are on tour and surprisingly we find out that tickets are dropping steadily from last week. Hang tight phanners the prices are soon to be back to face or very close for the tougher shows.

The String Cheese Incident and The Disco Biscuits are performing a Halloween run at the Hampton Coliseum. Bring on the glitter, hoops, and untz! They’re dubbing it Hulaween, if you’re going to make a trip to this show make sure to leave us a lot report!

We’ve also got a tweetup scheduled for the Atlantic City Phish shows, feel free to swing by. It’s at the classiest place in AC, the Hooters Restaurant in the Tropicana Hotel. The good news is it’s close to the venue, less than a half mile walk and if you don’t like the food the scenery should be good. You can register for the tweetup here, if we get enough people signed up we will try to reserve a party room.

Last but certainly not least we run through our voicemails…err voicemail. We only receive one voicemail this week, don’t forget to let us know what’s going on people! Program our number into your phone it’s 419-NO-WOOKS or if you’re calling from a blackberry 419-669-6657.

Thanks again for everyone listening, we’ll see you next week on lot!

episode 44


TWoL 43: Glitter Reprise

We’ve got a lot going on this episode, so let’s dive right in! Jed Luckless is our guest this week. Jed is a jamband fan living in New York and performs a live stream on Wednesday’s that you can find here. He play’s jamband music and also performs some of his original tunes, one of which he debuts at the end of this podcast so make sure to stay to the finish.

Big news this week was the announcement and onsale of the Four Mile Canyon Revival Benefit show. This show is set to provide funding for the Boulder Mountain Fire Relief Fund after the devastating fire in Boulder, CO. Artists to perform include, The String Cheese Incident, Big Head Todd & The Monsters, Yonder Mountain String Band, and the members of Phish. Funny enough the members of Phish are not “billed” as Phish, but rather just their names which leads us to believe they will come out and jam separately but not actually perform as Phish. Tickets went onsale through Ticket Horse and it seems a lot of tickets were held back as the sellout was instantaneous. Score one for the promoters to keep these benefit tickets out of the hands of scalpers.

Our ticket check this week reveals that the Broomfield shows in CO are actually leading the way for the most expensive secondary market ticket. Kind of a shock seeing as all the buzz is around the Halloween weekend in Atlantic City but then again they are basically the only “west coast” shows.

Next up we discuss the ability for people to connect with each other with ease thanks to technology. It’s funny when you think back a few years when twitter and Facebook didn’t really exist how easy it is to connect with other people, especially famous people and musicians now, it’s like day and night. Case in point, Furthur has started tweeting out pictures of their set lists after their shows so fans can take a look at what they were thinking before the show started. Pretty cool if you ask us.

It’s not too often that something good comes from the message boards on PT but this weekend there was a thread that was pure gold. It’s all about a parody on the Bud Light commercials “Real Men of Genius”, except this version is all about wooks. Check it out and also take a listen as Steve tries his best to recreate one of these commercials on air.

We also have a tweetup planned for the Atlantic City shows, you don’t have to be on twitter to sign up. Check out the details here, it’s being held at a super classy joint.  ; )

As always we run through your voicemails, thank you everyone who left us a lot report, keep them coming! We’ll see you next week on lot!

episode 43


TWoL 25: Movies and books and hoops, oh my!

Festival 8 is back in all of its full glory on the big screen! Today the cities were finally announced where you can go and see Festival 8 in 3D as performed by Phish on Halloween Weekend 2009.  Cities are listed here and at some select theatres you can already purchase advance tickets. The film is scheduled to open on April 30th and run for one week so be sure to see it while you can.

Next up we’ve got a ticket check, it appears that Great Woods has finally “sold out” as we were no longer able to pull tickets. I guess everyone will just have to wait for the inevitable rerelease that’s sure to happen. We also perform a sanity check and see what prices tickets are going for. Every show that isn’t sold out is going for under face and currently Telluride holds the top price at around $700 a ticket. No surprises, but we’ll keep an eye out and let the listeners know what’s going on each week.

Our friends over at Glide Magazine did a rundown of the “10 Hardest Phish Tickets” and for the most part we agree with their lists. There are some discrepancies and debatable picks but over all we agree. You can check out the list here.

Speaking of movies, turns out The Grateful Dead have another movie coming out. Got to keep the merchandising machine running, Bobby needs some new shorts!  Jambase has a great write up providing the details about where and when you can see the movie in theatres as well as details on when you can buy the movie.

Our old friend Noob Laura is back on the episode this week and she brings with her a book review of Headz. This book is about the lot scene and about different characters and their experiences getting to the lot and on the lot. We aren’t sure how we feel about the book but if you’re interested you can find it on their website but you’ll have to take a listen to find out Laura’s review.

Last and certainly least (in some of our opinions) is the strange Hulaween announcement of SCI and tDB playing in Hampton, VA. We’ve got our predictions of how the flatbrim, untz, glitter, hula-hoops, and pinwheels night is going to turn out and it’s not looking good. If you’re bored off your ass or just want to kangfirm we aren’t making this up and they really are planning to do this check out the info.

Thanks everybody for listening, we’ll see you next week on lot!

episode 25


TWoL 18: Kangfirmed

This week we keep it local and have a special guest, Ian, from the Las Vegas Jam Band Society. We “kangfirm” a few things too, like the fact that none of us are going to be able to attend any of the shows that were announced this week including the return of SCI.

The announcement for Bonnaroo is scheduled for Feb 9th 2010 but we have some breaking news about an album that’s going to be covered. That’s right, you heard it first on TWoL!

For all the European fans of TWoL we’ve got  a special tour annoucement from Jack Johnson apparently he’s having a few shows in Hawaii and then doing some serious traveling abroad. He’s also annoucning a tour for all you “chad bro chills” too.  ; )

Finally listen as Steve takes his lumps on his prediction of ticket sales for trey tour. I mean it’s pretty ridiculous that no one would want to go to Minneapolis in the middle of winter right? TWoL is calling it right now, the MIN show is going to be the sleeper show of Trey Tour.

Take a listen to the episode and find out more about all things kangfirmed.

episode 18