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TWoL 56: 2010 into the Eleven

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This weeks episode of TWoL is a special one! We take a dip from our normal routine and have a run-through of 2010 to point out our favorite shows, venues, lots, and festivals. Also last but certainly not least we pick a winner of our Phish NYE hotdog giveaway!

Let’s get started with our favorite shows for 2010. It was tough to pick but below are our favorite shows/band for 2010.

Steve – Phish at MSG night 1, Disco Biscuits

Emilie - Phish at Camden night 2, Dr. Dog

Nick – Phish Atlantic City night 2, Moksha

Honorable mention: Trey in Princeton

Next we run through our favorite venues. For those of us that saw a lot of shows this year it was  tough choice but we had to choose.

Steve – Brooklyn Bowl, Jones Beach

Emilie – The Independent (SF), MPP

Nick – The Greek (Berkeley), Blakes on Telegraph

Honorable mention: nTelos Pavilion

We also do a recap of our favorite festivals from 2010 as well as some upcoming festivals  we are looking forward to for 2011.

2010 – Camp Bisco 9, High Sierra Music Festival

2011 – Camp Bisco 10, Bonnaroo, Gathering of the Vibes, Phish Watkins Glen (Rumored)

Honorable mention: Jamcruise (any year!)

Most used smart phone apps: Jambase, Phanatic

Sadly we only had a few voice mails to play this episode. Don’t forget when you’re on lot, on your way to the lot, or even the day after the lot to leave us a report of the show! (419-669-6657)

Finally it was a really tough choice but we picked a winner for the Phish Meatstick giveaway. It was so tough in fact that we actually had to do an on air coin flip…drum roll…the winner is…Woot! Thank you to everyone who left a comment, better luck next time.

Thank you again to all our supporters, we’ll see you next week on lot!


TWoL 21: Oops we forgot…

We apologize for the delay in getting you an episode Steve was overcome with the wook flu last week and we were unable to get an episode up. However, I think this weeks episode definitely makes up for the delay.

Our guest this week is Andy Gadiel from and Andy Gadiel’s Phish Page. Andy gives us a rundown about how he got started with Jambase and the history of his personal Phish page. A word of advice, always volunteer at a music festival, it just might change your life.

Next up we talk about the shows we’ve attended in the last 2 weeks and what was happening in the lot scenes. All 3 of us made it to a recent show although some of the shows were better than others. Steve also chimes in about what’s “grinding his gears” wait till you hear how much he paid for a single beer.

Rumors, what would the intrawebz be without them? Phish is not so much “rumored” to be playing Telluride in Colorado as it’s been in the local news. Also heavily rumored is that Phish might be playing at Wrigley Field in Chicago on June 1st Andy certainly hopes so as he originally hails from the windy city and the rumored date is on the eve of his birthday.

The Disco Biscuits Camp Bisco has been announced and Steve is excited for the lineup. We find out that Andy actually attended the very first Camp Bisco and has some fond memories. Also make sure to check out Honest Tunes Radio Show , they’ll be interviewing Tea Leaf Green soon.

Speaking of history, yesterday was the one year anniversary of the return of Phish. This was also the same weekend that Nick first met Noob Laura in person. Happy Anniversary to Phish and Happy Anniversary to the This Week on Lot original crew.

Hope everyone enjoys this episode, we’re hoping to have Andy back on again soon to give us a live “lot” report from SXSW.

episode 21


TWoL 20: So I heard…

So I heard… Steve saw the The Disco Biscuits, Tea Leaf Green, and Galactic. He gives a rundown of the scene and the lot for each.

Turns out so I heard there’s a lot of rumors flying around about Phish tour for Summer and beyond. There’s still talk of a Euro or even Japan tour, and of course there’s also the American cities being named. The only one that holds an “announced” possibility right now is Telluride. It’s listed here in the Denver Post. They admit they’re still working on a deal but it may be possible.

Also apparently if you didn’t know The Disco Biscuits are selling themselves out for unspeakable pleasures and mindless activities. See all that they have to offer here. Nothing says I love you like Barber sleeping under your bed.

One more thing; so I heard that UM is having a UMBowl2010 where you can vote for the first acoustic songs to be played in the first quarter.  After that it’s still up in the air.

episode 20


TWoL 15: A Shiftload of Phish

Even though Trey told us to cool out until next Summer, we’re all still buzzing about Phish and the crazy year that was 2009. We just can’t get enough. So to keep us warm and cozy through the next 5 (or 6?!) months of bleek non-Phish existence, our good friend @EricWyman put together an amazing playlist of the Best Jams of 2009. With the help of nearly everyone on Twitter, Eric collected votes on the best jams (or songs) from all three tours, Hampton, Fest 8, and New Years. There was so much to choose from but the votes made it pretty clear which jams were the best of the best. Listen to hear which jam reigned supreme over the goodness that was 2009. Granted, you can’t really ever boil it down to just one song, right? So Eric and friends put together over 7 hours of amazing Phish for our listening pleasure. For all you cubicle monkeys, you can start this playlist first thing in the morning and rock out your entire shift at work. Not that you don’t do that already, we’re sure…

You can stream or download the entire playlist and let us know what you think. Also, check out the votes from the twitter and community. Anything on there you agree or disagree with?

Still looking back fondly at 2009, we address the best and worst lots of the year. We unanimously agree on the worst of the year. We’ll give you one hint: our personal space was definitely invaded and we did not enjoy it. The best lot? We all disagree but that’s a good thing, right? If the overall lot scene of 2009 was good, then win for all of us!

After the break, we look ahead at the multitude of tours in the next few months. It seems every jam band is on the road and is coming to your town (yea, even to Iowa). We have the Trey Anastasio Band sticking pretty close to the east coast, not showing any love to the west coast fans much to Nick’s dismay. It’s great to have our beloved ginger back on the road, but do the tickets need to cost so damn much? It’s because he’s bringing the horns, isn’t it? If you’ve had enough ginger in your life, you could always join Laura and Steve on the Disco Biscuits tour. Again, Brownie and the band are staying primarily on the east coast, with the exception of 4 dates in Denver and Bisco Inferno in May. This tour is going to be HOT and we can’t wait. And if that wasn’t enough for you, moe. is practically going everywhere in the next few months. Everywhere. And somehow they seem to be the first band to cater to their visual learning fans and put up a pretty sweet on their website. Check ‘em out. Need more options? How about Umphrey’s, Galactic, or Tea Leaf Green? Moral of the story? We had better be getting some lot reports from you brah and sisbrahs in the next few months because there is some music to be seen.

Speaking of lot reports, we got a fresh lot report from our good friend and part-time Ocelot @zippyhybrid. We met this cat and his girl at Fest8 and they are good people. Zippy is hitting us up from the NYE Yonder Mountain show.

All in all? We have so much to dwell on from last year but even more ahead of us this year. Happy 2010 kids! See you on lot!

episode 15